Jam – 2009-09-10 – Carroll’s

IMG_0237Thursday night at Carroll’s and we were playing with the Bayside Boys, Mitchell and Alan who were sharing guitar responsibilities with me. Mitch had his newly acquired Gibson SG and Al was playing is semi-hollowbody Fern. I had my Strat, Kev had his Modulus, Scott had his drums and Rich had is Yamaha piano amplified with the non-PZM mic situated where we could close the piano lid on it. This not only made the piano sound better, but it also enabled use to keep our prized processions from sliding off the piano.  Let us not forget Scott Bayer who was banging his bongos with gusto for a few songs.  Where those things came from I don’t know.  Scott wasn’t the only guest as we had Rob and Miriam who also stayed and partied and danced to our music.  Miriam slipped me a Slim Jim since she was under the impression that I liked those things.  Thanks Scott but I’ll leave it up to Rob to slip miriam the Slim Jims, Thank you very much.  I’m just glad I took it out of my pocket before I went to bed last night or else I would have awoken to my dogs chewing a hole in my pocket trying to get to that Slim Jim.

Rich had a video shoot and was late by only a song.  He missed the purposely easy to play first song, which I sang, but that was it.  he was there for everything else.  Kev, who is usually late on Thursday nights , made it there in virtually record time and beat me to the jam.  We were in Studio #2 of Carroll’s following on the heals of Marshall Crenshaw who was rehearing in Studio #2 earlier in the day.  While I have heard of Marshall, I have no idea who he is.

We used the iPhone quite a bit to select random songs for use to play, but I often selected the “goesinta” to following.  This lead to a combo of I Know You Rider –> Hey Pocky Way and Crazy Fingers into Masterpiece.  Most of those transitions were good and lead to some good playing.  We had a pretty cool space jam in the Hey Pocky Way.  The iPhone pushed us into a complete performed That’s It for the Other One Suite which was a nice surprise by the end of it.  We ended the night with a Wake Up Little Suzie which we also did pretty well, getting through that songs in its entirety for what I recall to be the first time in decades.  The iPhone told us to end the night at 11:53 with a closing Bertha, but that was rejected and ended with the good feelings the Suzie provided us.  Other songs we rejected were I Wash My Hands and Oakie From Muskogie but listening to them in the PA system when the iPhone selects them was a nice feeling.  Other gems were West LA Fadeaway, Looks Like Rain and few 1-4-5 songs like Johnny B. Goode and Promised Land.  The rest of the setlist will arrive when Rich posts the MP3s.  Until then, I await our next get together is currently tentatively scheduled for next Tuesday.

To hear the songs listen to the MP3s below:

  • 01 Johnny B Goode.mp3
  • 02 Crazy Fingers.mp3
  • 03 Masterpiece.mp3
  • 04 Friend Of The Devil.mp3
  • 05 Jam To Pockey Way.mp3
  • 06 Jet To The Promised Land.mp3
  • 07 I Know You Rider.mp3
  • 08 That’s It For The Other One.mp3
  • 09 Looks Like Rain.mp3
  • 10 West LA Fadeaway.mp3
  • 11 Al De Song.mp3
  • 12 Monkey & The Engineer.mp3
  • 13 Deal.mp3
  • 14 Wake Up Little Suzy.mp3
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