Jam – 2009-08-10- Carroll’s

IMG_0188We were supposed to play this week on Wednesday night but Kevin called and Emailed in a panic on Monday morning to see if we could pull off the quick switch. It was switched quick and early and Scott, Rich, Kevin and I as well as Carroll’s could make it early. It meant no one to play lead but Core-4 is what it is and it is what we are and what we are is what we is, so it was.  Let us not forget to mention the 14th anniversary of Jerry’s death.

So except a brief visit from scott Bayer, who misplaced his harmonica, we had no guests. No one to play lead and no one to spill just us Core-4. Nevertheless, from a nondescript night to a Deadstein revolutionary night, that why you have to go to every show. Kev’s dream idea a came to fruition due to a convergence of several ideas. He’s always been dreaming about the random song generator as the way to select songs to play and we pulled it off nonchalantly this night in an almost flawless manner.

The combo of me getting a new iPhone recently and working on a folder of Deadsongs MP3s I called “Standards” that I loaded in my iPhone, hit shuffle and hold it up to the microphone and play the speaker off the iPhone and we all hear at the same time what the next song will be.  It was really cool and we only skipped maybe 2 of the selections that came up.  Another great thing about this random song selector is that it gives us a chance to hear the song with its tempos and riffs while we are getting ready to play it.  Really good stuff.  It saved lots of time, arguements, gave us songs we wouldn’t otherwise play and finally it even did some things earily correct, such as ending the night with a Black Muddy River, Box of Rain.  This was al potentially revolutionary.  Looking forward to trying it again.  I better get the JGB standards in there quickly.

To hear the proponderance of songs we played go to:


or just click below:

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