Jam – 2009-08-04 – Carroll’s

Tuesday night and we are getting together is standard formation, so I think. Doing a little pre-posting to get get ahead some how. In the meantime, take a look at some spider shots I took in my basement. And I wonder why I always get so many computer bugs.

Anyway, I guess I pre-posted and now I am post-posting as I am writing about the Tuesday night jam on Thursday night.  To start with it was mostly the Core-4 for of us for the entire night.  Jason did show up  for the last two songs and we jammed and hot Music and I forget the other song.  In addition, we also had Robert <–> Trebor and Miriam also stay for the night and we shall now be referring to them as SpillBoy and SpillGirl as spilled their beer for the second week in a row.  Deadstein always needs it’s Spillboy.  Of course, we also had Scott Bayer show for a song.  That’s it on guests.  Kevin and Scott were drinking their own styles of espresso, Scott’s in mass and Kev’s in a can.  I brought a few Smarties and that was ’bout it.


Check out a little iPhone video of before during and after the jam.  No must, just some perspective on going to and fro and jam.  Sometimes it is tough to remember.

I liked the Core-4 for the most part.  I was fairly comfortable playing within myself for the whole night.  Rich gave me some advice before the jam to watch the note quantity, relax, play melodically, etc. and I think I headed it for the most part all night and I hope it made a difference.

Jason asked for it and he got it.  A little Jetta cam going into  the jam, from the Holland Tunnel to 55th Street.  Enjoy.

To hear the MP3s from the night go to:


or just click below.


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  1. KEVIN
    Aug 06, 2009 @ 07:37:55

    WTF TheGind?!?! Spiders, snakes…where do you live? 1313 Mockingbird Lane? Jeez, your living a Jim Stafford song. Look into an exterminator before your house becomes a Halloween roadside attraction.

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