Jam – 2009-05-27 – Carroll’s

DCC_6344_edited-1It was Wednesday night and Scott informed us several weeks ago that he would not be able to make this weeks jam. He is in Anguilla on vacation and I’m sure the Patron is moving from the bar to his liver as a fast pace. 

This gave us the opportunity to have Coffee-Boy and Trister join us for what is almost a Terez reunion but without Terez. We knew we would only have Trister for a portion of the night but we had to make the most of it that we could. We opened with a standard Trister night opening of the Halfstep followed by a Brother Esau. Coffee was giving us some serious cowbell during the Esau. Birdsong followed and was really nice and the rest of the night continued in a very positive manner. 

Short of Coffee and Trister being considered guests, the only real guest we had was Scott Bayer who was there for the Eyes/Estimated combo. Scott was never there at a time where he could communicate with any of us except maybe Rich and this is a statement that can be made at anytime, whether playing music or not. Thankfully, I don’t even think he broke out his harmonica. 


Kevin is giving us some indications that he may not be able to play the next couple of weeks due to the Bar Mitzvah of his son Dylan. We are going to have to remain flexible in order to keep the jamming moving forward. Bayside Mitch may be called into action if he is available. 

We had a few big songs segments including an Eyes/Estimated and a surprising Help/Slip/Franklins. I thought Andy was done for the night and then he gave us the Help Slip Franklins. In addition, he played the final lead with of the Franklins with some ferocity that said, “I really don’t want to put my guitar down”. Rich made Andy play a Next Time You See Me before he was allowed to go. 


When it was time for Andy to go, it was also time for Coffee to go. I think before Trsiter had his guitar off his shoulder Coffee-Boy was already in the elevator heading home. Actually, Kevin, Rich and I hung out for the last hour and played a few as a trio without any drumming. Some was good, some was bad, but it was music being made nevertheless. We did the Russian Lullaby, Dark Hollow, Wharf Rat and a Ripple in this format. 


Thanks to Rich as usual for recording the evening and posting them.  The music is available at the following location



Time will tell what the next several week bring us so staying tuned is the only way to know.

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