Jam – 2009-05-19 – Carroll’s

DCC_5450_edited-1It was a beautiful Tuesday night for a jam at Carroll’s.  Jason showed up to play lead guitar but was a little late.  While waiting for him to arrive the Core-4 tackled a coupled of GarBand numbers.  We opened with a Mission in the Rain and had Jason walked in on us performing a Senor.

We had a couple of guests including Scott Bayer and his film festival buddy/actor.  They hung out for 3 songs and they really seemed to appreciate us.  Scott is continuing to try to play his “C” harmonica and we even gave him a bit of a opportunity to strut his stuff for whatever is strut-table.





With Jason there we opened with a Shakedown.  Jason wasn’t sure his Silver Faced Twin would hold out for the entire night but it did.  He was using one of his boutique Krammer aluminum neck guitars and that thing sounded real good.  In addition, we went without the PZM on the piano for the second week in a row and I think the piano sounded much better.

Much like last week, I recall playing lots of songs with some interesting transitions.  Some songs were real comfortable and easy such as Candyman and Jack Straw.  I think we did well on those 2.  Jason was there to carry us through the He Ain’t Give You None which we waited for.  We learned how to do the cool intro to the old style of Good Lovin with me leading the riff on the C->Bb, then E-D then G-F.  We we asked to make a mental note so I figure I would make a virtual one.  It sounded good.

We did a nice Wang Dang and had a peppy Comes a Time lead us into an extended song combination.  We ended at 12:00 with the Midnight Hour.  Played many more songs than I covered here  so we will have to wait for the full set-list to see what we really played.  I think it will be a full listing once again.  You have to like that.



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