Jam 2009-03-03 Carroll’s

img_2815_edited-1This week we were in the nice cozy Studio 2 of Carroll’s.  Kevin was back with us after a week off and Jason was back for the thirs week in a row.  We played lots of hot stuff.   Kevin commented how good the music felt and it did feel good.   Rich’s friend Scott stepped in for a song or two and was mesmorized at the groove of our Jack-A-Roe.  The Hurts Me Too had good soul and tempo.  Jason’s slide tone on his aluminim necked guitar was screeching.  We played 17 songs, some big, some small some standard and some obscure.  It was a nice balance and variety and never got boring.  We even did the Stephen OK. You can find the music at the link below:



or just click on a song below and let the embedded WordPress MP3 player stream the song and play it instantly.


Until next week when Spring will feel like it has arrived because we turn our clocks forward this week and “Here Comes Sunshine!”


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