Jam 2009-02-25 Carroll’s

Bijll is a smoking bassist

This was a week a Carroll’s where we missed Kevin who was with his family during his father’s heart issues, fortunately and miraculously in part of today’s great world, his been ripped open, fixed and on the road to recovery.  We wish him the best.  So Kevin couldn’t make it and fortunately for us Scott’s friend from downtown, Bill Lukashok was there with his Fender Bass and away we went.  He seemed to be into more of that old Dead which meshed well with Jason’s and Brotpen’s vibe.  In addition, we seemed to do well on some of the country songs.  There was a harpsord in the room and we put a microphone on it and used it for a China Doll anda Mountains of the Moon.


So we had Jason, me, Bill L. on bass, Scott and Rich.  We were in the big studio #3 but played a little small in a close circle at times.   Hey, how about that wacky, jugband style Cold Rain and Snow?  The songlist is below with a link to the MP3s.  Until next time.



Hey, we got 19 songs in, that’s not bad.


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