Jam 2008-07-21 at Carroll’s

Nothing like Perry Street

Nothing like Perry Street

Thanks for playing and practicing that Help on the Way.  We did lots on biggies and it was a pretty good feeling jam.  Thanks for Rich for recording and posting.  That’s a lot of work and you can never say thanks enough for that.   Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.  Enough already.  That purple stuff gets you going.

I’m going to try to post the jam’s with the title used in this format for consitency’s sake. and we should try to comment on the jams based on the jam page like we used to in the past.

The audio from last Monday’s jam at Carroll’s studio #2 is up using the link below or click here.


Here’s a little mp3 sample below with the Let It Grow from that night.

And how about that Smokestack? Smokin’!

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