Jam – 2014-06-11 – Carroll’s

ds140611With the Rangers down 3-0 in a rare appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals against the LA Kings, I wanted to start the night with Not Fade Away into Loser to provide some metaphysical luck for the Rangers. As I have for several of the Ranger playoff games during this run for the Cup, I recorded the game on my DVR, to be watched at home after the jam. Being down 3-0, I had no real expectations that the Rangers would win the Cup, but I did think they would win this game at the Garden since they really could and should have won both of the two overtime games in LA at the beginning of the series. Throughout the playoffs, I was able to keep news of the game away from my ears so watching the game afterwards on DVR would be exciting. Anyway, at the end of some song late in the night, Lee’s Bother-In-Law, Maier, blurted out to the room in the same timing and fashion as Scott Bayer’s idiotic, “Live from Hell’s Kitchen It’s Deadstein,” that “The Rangers Won the Game.” I guess things could have been worse if the lost and got swept. Nevertheless, watching the game after the jam was still thrilling. I may have had a coronary if I hadn’t know the outcome because the Rangers hung on for dear life in the 3rd period, staving off eventual defeat which occurred two days later in another double overtime loss in LA. What a great exciting and exhausting year of Ranger Hockey it was. Let’s Go Rangers and Let’s Go Deadstein.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:


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