Jam – 2014-05-21 – Carroll’s

ds140521After a week on the road, Deadstein enjoys the comfort of being at home at Carroll’s. Kevin was there for hours when we arrived and there wasn’t much to think about playing except for playing. I had to get them to get me the Boogie Mark III but the crew at Carroll’s is the best and there it was in all it’s warmth and Glory. Speaking of which, we enjoyed a nice 2009 Burgundy during the jam

We had a big setlist with over 20 songs and a few big ones. The Help on the Way has been played frequently recently and it showed improvement. During the 2nd game of the Ranger/Canadians series had my acoustic in my lap and was noodling on the Help Slip during the entire game. The Rangers looked great, won the game and I became familiar with several ways to play the Help-Slip riffs and things became a lot more second nature. I went over some of things I discovered especially the ending of the Slipknot segments. I corrected my write up in everyone’s book and somehow, that part was played well during the jam. The discussion worked. The Lost Sailor Saint also had a more relaxed feel to it than usual as we continue to get more comfortable with the song.

For the second set Rich was worried that if we started He’s Gone we would stop and have nowhere to go without a plan. His worries were not warranted as we continued for an additional four songs and had a nice 30 minutes combo from the He’s Gone to the Not Fade Away. It was a hard loud, night and Rich had to pound on the piano to battle the great wall of sound from the rest of us, especially after the Throwing Stones, Not Fade Away. He therefore requested a quiet, easy Brokedown Palace to end the night. It was a relaxing way to say good-bye to another night of Deadstein. Let’s Go Deadstein.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:



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