Jam – 2013-10-01 – Carroll’s

ds131001It was another multi-track evening with Deadstein. The whole band was together including Donna for the first set. We had no guests. Carroll’s didn’t even haven us in their schedule but fortunately Kevin was there early and got them to set up the studio in plenty of time.

While I was setting and tweaking the recording session everyone played a great version of the newly minted Wednesday Morning Blues written and belted out by Donna. Wow, throwing in Morning Dew references throws it over the top.

To open the second set we counter balanced the Brokedown closer of the first set with a Ripple. For the Ripple Kevin broke out his 4th guitar/bass of his recent coming out display, a 4-string Guild bass. From there we launched into a threesomes with the Here Comes Sunshine –> China –> Rider followed by a Truckin’ which died a quick and painless death. This was followed by another big threesome of Uncle John’s Wharf Rat and Sugar Magnolia, without a Sunshine Daydream to close. We finished with the figurative encore of US Blues. Surprisingly enough, another pretty solid night of music, all things considered.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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