Jam – 2013-04-10 – Carroll’s

ds130410Though it was April 10, 2013, there was a feeling deep inside Kevin’s gut that was yearning for it to be April 12, 1983. Who could blame his gut? That night at Binghamton was pretty magical for all of us who were there, not just Kevin who enjoyed his first show that night. With all these thoughts in our minds, there was a small desire to relive and play some of the great moments from that show. Since it was a couple of nights off from the actual anniversary, I didn’t feel compelled to give it the honor of Deadstein celebrating the night that it probably deserved, but the presence of the Broome County Arena was never far from my mind as the night progressed.

We all arrived early and ready to play, psyched everyone was health and accounted for. We decided to play the opening of the 4/12/83 show including the Getaway–> Greatest Story followed by a Birdsong. Much like 1983, the 2013 version was a strong opening and a positive omen with respect to things to come for the night.

From this strong opening, we decided to stray a bit but kept our eye on Binghamton as the night progressed. This resulted in the mid-set Let It Grow With Donna singing with us for the first set we selected a few songs that catered to her style such as the I Shall Be release, which we had been avoiding for the past several weeks. We ended the first set with a nice Might As Well, which when executed, is a nice exciting way to end a set.

With Donna only available for a portion of the beginning of set 2, we decided to throw a Playing in the Band at her as a way for her to bid us a fond-farewell as we transitioned into a spacey Playing in the Band jam. We eventually found our way to a China Doll and back into the Playing in the Band. I think that was a good little segment of music.

To close the night we were reach a bit and I suggested playing the last Beatles song in the book, The Word. That was pretty good. We continued in the Beatles “W” section and played “With a Little Help From Your Friends” and closed the night with a While My Guitar Gently Weeps. That was a very satisfying way to close out the night. Providing the initiative to come back and freak-out with Deadstein one more time.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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