Jam – 2013-01-03 – Carroll’s

wooDeadstein is really trying to get its full allocation of jamming in for 2013. As the first week of the year we could have played in the 2013 was dissected by the New Years celebration, this week’s jam was difficult to assemble.  Our only option was the very rare Friday night Shabbos jam, and we all agreed to it.  We were lucky that traffic was too bad and the Friday night jam really felt good.  It lead to a discuss of our fantasy jam to get to Carroll’s on a Saturday morning and jam all day.  Maybe one day, We should take advantage of what 2013 makes available to us.

We were scheduled to have the whole band together once again as things begin to normalize in January, but as we started we got a notification from Alan that he may miss the jam, or the best, would only make the second set.  We were all set to move on with out Alan when we saw another guitar walk into the room.

This wasn’t Alan pushing open the door but Carolyn, someone new to all of us except Donna.  As we were jamming the song Carolyn was taking in the scene and before we knew it, she opened up her effect tray and revealed her bag of tricks.  She hooked her Es-335 up to one of the available Twins and she was off to the races with us for the rest of the night.  It really goes to show, you never know what to expect when you are jamming with Deadstein.  The adventure keeps you on your toes.  Alan did join us for the second set and we had the whole thing going on for half the night.

Our only guests were Steve and Lindsey.  To hear what we did, we are going to have to wit for Rich to post the MP3s.  Until then we can only image how good it sounded. Well, here they are below.


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