Jam – 2012-08-29 – Carroll’s

Being the end of summer it is always tricky to get a jam going and this week would prove to be such a trial.  With Scott and Kevin scheduled to be away on away vacation and bringing kids to school, it was questionable as to whether would could get a band of critical mass.  Fortunately, with Stagger Lee in the Deadstein Utility Belt, we have half of the rhythm section already there. We turned back to our SUNY Albany roots and grabbed Bill Sloan to man the bass.  You see me there at my SUNY graduation in 1985.  In the SUNY Albany days of the early 80’s, Bill was an institution on the drums at State Quad, but in the 21st century Bill has transformed into a bass playing institution.  Well maybe not an institution but he brought his convenient little effects rig in a box and covered the bass for us for the jam.

Alan additionally was not available so it left an uncore-4 of me, Rich, Lee and Bill to fill Studio 2.  We had a little help with our guests Ryan, 33-year old Maggie and Steve.  Ryan was thrown into action as he picked up the sticks with us during a That’s What Love Will Make You Do.  Short of that, Lee was all by his lonesome back there all night.

I was eager to play in this configuration to see what would materialize.   Since we were four with one guitar, Jerry Garcia was going to be the flavor of the night, more specifically; Rich was thinking a mid 1970’s version of the band.  We stuck to that for a bit but strayed when necessary.

Speaking of straying, my mind was playing right-down, left-up tricks on me all night long.  I think my fingers thought they were too confident for my minds good, and the two didn’t connect and cooperate all night long.  For the most part I was able to internalize my inner struggle and blow out some music, but if felt like an opportunity lost.  Too bad, because the room sounded good and the vibe was good.

Rich had his whole video set up charging while recording the happenings.  Hopefully, something came out good.  I’m kind of not too eager to hear or see what I did, cause it can’t be pretty.  I guess there are nights like that, but I felt like a pitcher with a spent arm just lobbing soft-balls over the plate.

I guess I will have to wait for Rich’s audio and video files, until then enjoy what you got and Freak out!  Well, lo-and-behold, there are the MP3s with some video to boot.  Three cheers for Rich.


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  1. deadstein
    Sep 02, 2012 @ 21:28:16

    I just got the MP3s and videos Rich worked on posted, so give a listen a take a look.

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