Jam – 2012-08-16 – Carroll’s

This was a very special week for us at Deadstein because Alan was out and to fill in for Alan was Tefillin Ken.  Ken has not been around Deadstein for about 10 years now and to see and jam him after all those years some of that new is old and freaky that we try to get in our Deadstein experience.

Though Ken has probably been busy with his very busy life, it seems like he managed to get some guitar practice in between all his Torah studies.  If he didn’t get any practice in than it is even that much more impressive.  Needless to say, I think Ken sounded great both on guitar and on vocals.  It was a real pleasure and it gave me and chance to use my Bob muscles.

Ken’s rendition of the Night They Drove ‘ol Dixie Down was great, more Band than GarBand, yet you can’t take the “Gar” out of Deadstein, no matter how hard you try.  Speaking of which, I did my best to get the “Gar” out of me as I attempted to learn the Beatles “And Your Bird Can Sing.”  This is a challenging song for me as it involves a long riff-line, which I couldn’t help but giving a Cassidy/Jack Straw sound to.  Some how, Ken remembered the riff from his childhood and was able to play that song with us, giving it some real support that I couldn’t provide in that song.  Since the song is under 2 minutes we tried it a few times which I was psyched about.

Speaking of support, our fan base of Meg (Maggie) Ryan and Fleetwood, Steve and Lindsey Mac were there to support us. I think we had a good jam to give them, A little more Stein than Dead then they are used.  Maggie was celebrating her pending 33rd birthday in a joyous way so Happy Birthday to Maggie!

We didn’t have much a plan for the night but we wanted to keep it kind of simple to keep the jams flowing and not running into sharp curves.  That was the reasoning behind the That’s What Love Will Make You Do to open the night.  I think that was a good decision and got us on the way.  The Dixie we discussed above, but it was a moment in the night that made us realize it was gonna be a good one.  As usual the Beat It On Down the Line was good, but getting the 18-count correct was more challenging than it should have been.  A few more Dead song followed by the GarBand Lullaby and Catfish were the end of the 1st set.

We did a couple of And Your Birds Can Sing to start the second set, first was jammy, second was more direct were fun and the Hey Pocky Way was just powerful and went to some cool places.  It may have been my highlight for the night.

At this point you would think we were setting up to poop out but nothing could be further from the truth.  We dove deep and hard into the High Time, Shakedown.  We kept going strong and hard to finalize with more good stuff including a Deadstein best Don’t Let Me Down.  Music Brokedown to close was also hot and a great way to close a great night.

I hope it’s not 10 years till Ken fills in again.  Freak out.

To hear what we did, go to the links below:




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