Jam – 2012-08-06 – Carroll’s

To accommodate Rich’s ever increasing busy schedule, Deadstein played on Monday this week, leaving a large gap, or a gultch, between this Monday jam and next week’s Thursday jam.  What this week also represented was a celebration of Alan’s birthday which is scheduled to occur on August 11; Happy Birthday Alan, Freak Out!  With that day looming, Alan had the privilege and more importantly, the obligation to select the night’s setlist as it unfurled right in front of us.

He picked a nice setlist, jam, show, to get Deadstein flowing in the right direction.  As is typical for Deadstein in 2012, we had our 2 drummer setup, including Scott and Stagger Lee.  I think Steve was our only guest for the night until Scott Bayer came later on in the evening.  He whipped out his bongo and I told him “no way” and he was soon out of the room.  No bongos and not Scott Bayer, a win-win.

Alan was under a lot of pressure to keep up the grueling pace of recent Deadstein and he did a great job of it.  We got 20 songs on tape and that with Rich missing a few of the songs at the beginning of the night.   I do not recall what we did early on, but Rich placed the Getaway –> Promised Land at the beginning of the first set, when in actuality they were played somewhere in the middle of the first set.

It was a nice long beefy first set ending right at 10pm.  We took a standard break and seem to have energy going into the 2nd set.  Alan seem to pull songs out of his ass at the last second on several occurrences to keep the set going.  When a song didn’t come to air at the end of the Eyes of the World, the second set took a nice, easy natural turn into Drums Space. This was a real good thing as it did set us up to finish the night up with gusto.  The drums space is like the 7th inning stretch of a baseball game and is a nice last final break.

The final segment of the night featured two combos; Other One à Speedway Booggie and Wharf Rat Comes a Time.  Looking at it now, it would have been cooler to put the Speedway Boogie after the Wharf Rat, but the whole thing was a lot of fun.  Playing in the Band reprise was just a quick nice capper.  Werewolve of London for the Olympics (?),, is that why it was selected, was straight on and powerful.  It was a complete evening that never died down, running the finish line like Usain Bolt in world record time.

To hear any of this gold medal playing, go to the Olympics, to hear what Deadstein did, use the links below:


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