Jam – 2012-07-03 – Carroll’s

It being the Tuesday before July 4th meant we all had the following day off from work following our Deadstein jam.  This is a super-rare occurrence and one that was dreamed about by many leading up to the jam.  What would we do with this additional time?  Play until morning, go to Wo Hop afterwards?  It turned out to be neither as all we did was to play a few minutes late realizing doing anything more was pointless and the concept of unlimited playing would remain an elusive dream.

What we did have was the band back together this week for the full six-man compliment.  As far as guests we had Rob and Miriam who brought a friend of their’s, Kathy to the jam.  They seemed as if they were out for a good time before the jam and they continued it in Studio 2 with Deadstein, cheering us on at the end of each song.  Additionally we also had Meg Ryan and Willow take in the jam.  Willow happen to have the same cassette iPhone case as me except in pink as opposed to my D90 red.  That was a surprise.  We also had the artist painting the wall-scape in the hallway join us for a song or two.  These were our only guests and the room was feeling a bit tight filled with a spark of energy from all the on-lookers..  Ryan even came up and rocked a Victim or the Crime with us to end a set.

We didn’t have a plan for the night or setlist so we let Scott for the most part blurt out a song a we played it, at least to start.  The thought of the night was to play songs for the 4th of July so we played songs of America including the Beat It on Down the Line, Bobby McGee, US Blues, Victim or the Crime, Goin Down the Road and the ending of the night leaving Texas 4th day of July with Jack Straw; experienced the Crimson White and Indigo while Standing On the Moon, and back on earth we were selling guns instead of food today while Throwing Stones.  Fortunately we realized We Will Get By as we develop a Touch of Grey.  Lots of thoughts about the living in America.

One grand thought about this country of ours is abundance, and that is what we have been enjoying with respect to songs in the recent past.  Our consistent reach past 20 songs week after week has been the great bounty of Deadstein recently, and with all of us now settling comfortably into our roles, we do get better and better each week.  I think our Big River this week was a perfect example of this as we sustained a nice lively tempo throughout that tune.

That’s all I can think of at this point as I am focused on next week when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 7-12-1987 Giants Stadium Dead Dylan show.


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