Jam – 2012-06-13 – Carroll’s

We finally go the entire band together for a full jam, over 20 songs once again.  I think the only guest was Steve, short of that, it was just us six.  We didn’t have a plan, but we weren’t taking any prisoners as we launched into a Help Slip Franklins to open.  I know I messed up the Slipknot! royally, but most of it was fun.  From there we played a significant night of music.  Kevin asked for the Foolish heart, but it was a foolish request as we weren’t quite up to that task.  nevertheless, we tried any challenge that was in front of us, which was everything.

I recall in many respects getting a nice mix of music between the instruments during som of our jams.  There was some good listening and playing off of each other.  That dominated much of the night and hopefully got us to play some good music, maybe the MP3s will reveal the goodness that the night felt.

Over the weekend, I saw on few minutes of a show on PBS that featured the La Floroent, across from our old stomping grounds on Ganesvoort Street.  I utilized the new Google search that is incorporated as part of Deadstein.com and found a few juicy morsels of Deadstein history regarding that restaurant.  We play 20 songs regularly these days,with a Florent burger, we were lucky to get 8 in for the night.  You can find some good stuff with that search feature.

To hear what we did, go to the MP3 links below:


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