Jam – 2012-02-17 – Carroll’s

In the rarest of occurrences, Deadstein had to play on a Friday night. Schedules dictated that we had to play this Friday night and we made the best of it. Rich broke out the candles Scott broke out the tequila we said a little prayer and we were on our way.

This being February 17 we decided to tackle the infamous Oswego, New York Jerry Garcia band show. February 1980 has always been one of my favorite Jerry Garcia months in his history. And that show on February 17 may have been the best of the tour. It taught me the greatness of a Money Honey and Positively Fourth Street and the other versions of the songs are just filled with immense energy and excitement. So, 2-17-80 was our mission for the night.

Without Alan around for the night, it was going to be Core-4, which was appropriate for doing the Jerry Garcia Band music, but Rich had a surprise for all of us.

Just as we were about to finish the first set of the JGB show incomes Mini T surprising us all with her presence. Who would’ve expected her? Not me and it was a tremendous surprise.

We quickly finished up the first set when she arrived, throwing down that Positively Fourth Street with some of the respect it was due and then we embarked upon a full Terez set of classic Terez numbers.

I think the Come Together into Hey Pocky Way really got us going and put us on the path of finishing up many a good song with Terez. The fact that we were on a predominantly Jerry Garcia Band evening I think got us warmed up and tuned up to do many of those good Jerry Garcia Band types of songs. And the Tore Up got us going in that direction. This coupled with That’s What Love Will Make You Do really gave us some good material to enjoy for the future I am sure. One of the nicer moments was the Oh darling which we actually did two times and gave us an opportunity to really get it down and I think we got some pretty good music out of that one.

Finally with respect to the to new book stuff, stuff let’s not forget some of the fun we have. We did an attempted a very fun and cool Pinball Wizard a Deadstein first and I think we did a really good job of it was a lot of fun. And then we closed with the classic Carpenters song Sing which we did with Terez many many years ago and it was great to do it again and I think we also did that some good justice so that’s going to be one for the ages. In closing on Terez, it was great to see your a lot of fun to play with her and hopefully you do it again real soon.

As far as guests we had the couple of Meg Ryan, or something like that, came in the room hung out for a few songs enjoyed us and requested that He’s Gone that we did and they were on their merry way, that’s an understatement. Then we had the ever so annoying Scott Bayer joined the room with his bongos, that I will hit him over the head with one day so that’s another guest of some ill repute, and that is an understatement.

In finishing up the 2-17-80 show we were able to get most of it done because Sitting Here in Limbo and After Midnight, or both songs, we have done with Terez. so we were able to incorporate her with finishing up this classic show which was a lot of fun. Actually, we weren’t able to finish it up but came pretty darn close. As choppy as the After Midnight Ellen Rigby After Midnight was, it was still quite a journey and a nice adventure to undertake and to come out the other side on.

In closing, the new book version 8 had a very precarious opening introduction to the band. Since we were playing this show I’ll Take a Melody was to open it and as we started playing I had a brand-new write up of the song that is new to the new book. As we were playing it I just noticed several errors in it that were comical in the fact that they were so present in the new write up. Fortunately for the most, part we know how to play that song and no one followed the errands symbols in the book but nevertheless, as I was playing it was killing me to see such blatant mistakes in the book. Additionally, That’s Alright Mama is scheduled to be played in the second set and it’s a song that is not in my book. It’s is a simple song E-A-D and I knew the lyrics anyway but we would’ve gotten through it without any issue. For night that I expected my book to shine and be highlighted, it was really a night dominated by February 17, 1980 and the return of Terez, both being exceptional moments in our path of playing all this music weekend and week out. The Friday jam was fun, even with the terrible traffic on the way in, the freedom afforded by playing on Friday versus during the week has something to be said for it. Till we do it again, Freak Out.

For those that want to listen to the happenings, check out the MP3 links below.  Thanks as always to Rich for doing the recordings.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KEVIN
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 11:33:14

    A couple of things:
    1. MINI MUTHAFUCKIN’ T !!!! That is what I’m talkin’ ’bout Honey.
    Love that girl.
    2. I brought the candles.
    3. Friday nites are magical.
    4. TheGind’s efforts and accomplishments are genius and more than appreciated, but it must be pointed out that as I stood there trying to play some JGB song that everybody gets hard over, feeling retarded and underskilled – and everyone else feeling the same way about my participation…..IT IS WRITTEN WRONG IN THE FREAKI’ BOOK.

  2. deadstein
    Feb 19, 2012 @ 12:49:49

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Brotpen
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 06:34:26

    February 17 has the additional significance of being the anniversary of my Bar Mitzvah, 2/17/67. That gig was 34 years ago.

  4. KEVIN
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 08:12:44

    it was a little more than that Einstein.

  5. Brotpen
    Feb 21, 2012 @ 10:33:23

    …44 solid years.
    If I told you all that went down…

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