Jam – 2011-05-24 – Carroll’s

Tuesday night May 24 and we had no dedicated show to play as our guide.  What we did have was the 70th birthday of Bob Dylan.  With both the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band being the pre-eminent Bob Dylan cover bands, we had plenty of familiar material to play in which to have fun with as well as to pay homage to Bob Dylan.  He did provide us with so many great song that we play week in and week out, so from Deadstein, we wish Robert Zimmerman a happy 70th birthday. Now let’s eat.

Alan was sick this week and took it off to rest up and get better.  We were able to get Bayside Mitch to play some of his warm rhythms using that sweet sounding Epiphone semi-hollow body.    I think we sounded pretty good for most of the night, sustaining ourselves through the 12:00 midnight witching hour.  We played a full Dylan first set and went back to the Dead for the second set yet throwing in a few more appropriate Dylan songs.  For as many Dylan songs that we found to do, we could have done so many more.  It shows how prolific of a songwriter he really is.

I thought I was playing well through the night with several leads feeling like I was taking it to the next level.  Hopefully up.  We had a few structural clunky moments, Times They are a Changing and I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight but most of the Dylan stuff was rewarding.  Unlike the Beatles songs we now do, those Dylan songs are pretty long and we didn’t even do a Joey.

As far as guests, we only had Scott Bayer and he may not be coming back as we had to put the k-bash on his bongo playing.  Hopefully he can recoup the investment he made in his percussion setup, but enough was enough and hopefully that will be the end of his bongo-ing.  That was the only neg of the the night, the rest of it was full of pos.  From now on, all you can eat.  Yoink!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KEVIN
    May 25, 2011 @ 21:45:32

    Unlimited kindness.

  2. gina
    Apr 06, 2014 @ 18:01:13

    What concert was this and what was the date?
    Also who is the third person in the photo?

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