Jam – 2011-02-16 – Carroll’s

With a last minute cancellation from Alan, Deadstein was down with Core-4 all night long.  That is with the exception of when Scott Bayer showed up with his bongo.  Then it was Core-4 with the annoying guy with the bongo.  Short of that, and I do mean “that,” we had no guests.

It felt physically tough jamming with just us four.  We did a Reuben & Cherise and that took its toll on all our arms.  Maybe not Rich’s.  Having the Core-4 we decided to do focus on some Garband to start.  The Tore Up opener was solid but I have to say I never felt totally comfortable during the entire jam.  I remember being a little disheartened at the Hard to Handle and my inability to perform.  I did get the Lucky Old Sun in early in the night when I had people focus.  It was ehhh.

We took a long break at the vending machines between sets and getting motivated for the second set was difficult.  I think I finally woke Scotty up and he finished strong but Kevy ended on the floor, TKO.  To bad because the Shady Grove that initially knocked him out was going nicely and he was there for the taking if he wanted to take a part of it.  The Crazy Love to finish the night was one Kevin wasn’t getting off the canvas for.

We had a small Beatles segment in it including a rare I Want to tell You and the When My Guitar Gently Weeps.  They were a little satisfying as well as disappointing.  On the Highlight reel were the That’s All Right Mama which we got the lyrics for on the iPad.

For the second set I decided to sit on a chair in an effort to keep a close eye on the inevitably fading rhythm section.   In addition I tried to get back to some Grateful Dead that kept going.  This included the Uncle John’s –> Wheel –> Miracle –> Bertha combo.  That was OK but the Bertha became an endurance battle but it was a good segment.

To hear the music we played go to the following links:



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  1. Scott
    Feb 17, 2011 @ 23:51:14

    This is the funniest post I’ve read in a long time. Love the part about sitting on a stool, and keeping a close eye…….. We were long gone by then. We need something to keep us awake and away from the vending machine. Any ideas?

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