Jam – 2010-12-08 – Carroll’s

This week was a” Core-4″ jam as Alan was away and missed as he was attending to family matters.  Even at “Core-4”, we had trouble achieving that as Rich was at “woik,” which is different than “work,” in that you actually get paid for “work” as he says; anyway, there will be a cool new project that Rich has been “woiking” on coming out for all of us to see. He did eventually show up about an hour into the jam as we were starting to play a Victim or the Crime. Scott Bayer was our only guest for the night in addition to Carol on the celluar phone.

With Rich not getting there until nine and change we started the Oui-Three segment.  It started with a blow through the Abbey Road medley that I charted out this previous week.  I was playing both piano and guitar at parts with Kevin and Scott and it was a disaster as one would expect at that moment.  What it did do for us was prepare us for when we did the Abbey Road medley at the end of the night.  With Rich singing and playing piano and me focusing on guitar, the medley sounded good.  It was fun and inspiring at that moment; more fun than a Day Job.

It will be good to have the whole band back together next week  but for the record we played the following.


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  1. scott
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 08:59:05

    Correction: 12-08-10 Jam

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