Jam – 2010-11-11 – Carroll’s

It is 11/11/2010, that’s a lot of ones, one two and two nothings.  It was also Veterans Day so we salute those who secure our freedom to do the vodoo which we don’t do so well, but we vodoo it.  This night we had a very special guest in Kevin’s oldest friend and original Lemons band member, Gene Foreman.

Gene came with a friend of his Ken and they stayed for about an hour or so and Gene belted out a handful of songs with us.  This was a challenge for us as none of them were in our repertoire.  The important thing is we gave it the old Lemons try and had a great time with it.  Having Gene there afforded us the luxury to try somethings we could have never attempted; Led Zeppelin’s Going to California is such an example.  Let’s not forget Bowie’s Changes which started the whole fiasco.

For the second week in a row, Kevin came with his Uncle Patty and this time had the perfect amount for everyone.  Couple Uncle Patty with the Limeys  Scott had and we a a delicious combination that had tho be tempered. Uncle Patty was a nice change of pace.  Closing thoughts can only be Bayer the guest (welcomed?) and his bongo. Oh’ Vey!  Speaking of which, Rich was way under the weather hopefully he kicks that colds butt soon enough.

To hear the MP3s from the night go to the links below:



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