Jam – 2010-09-22 – Carroll’s


We were back to our standard 5-man setup this week with only Scott Bayer presenting himself as a guest.  He came in all excited with his new $35 hand-drum which I immediately tried to buy off of him, but to no luck, that drum is now his life.  Scott paying  $35 bucks is a great deal on his end, one he couldn’t pass up, so I couldn’t blame him for not sell me the drums.

This week I was still in the throws of a pretty bad cold as I was hacking and coughing and bursting a lung, but all worth the opportunity to be participating in another big Deadstein jam.  This week we had lots of rarely played songs bubble to the surface.  We played the Love Each Other with the 73 groove but not the 73 break.  We did the Easy Wind with all the breaks but only half the groove.  We played a Corinna, which who knows what groove we played and what groove it is supposed to be in, but I be we haven’t played that song in 15 years. It was that type of night.

Most of the songs were a pain in the neck for Scott but he persevered.  Kev seemed fully recovered and I was right in the middle of the cold.  I guess as we age, the blog is going to need an official injury report section to keep everyone up-to-date on all our ailments.  At least it gives us a good excuse when someone hears what happens during one of those MP3s toward the end of any song.  When Scott told me, “Gind, you sound terrible, maybe you shouldn’t sing.” maybe I should have listened to him, but he said that when I wasn’t sick so I sang when I was sick anyway.  Hopefully a weekend of seeing concerts including the FabFaux at Radio City and Trister laying the leads down for Ronnie and the New Riders Freak-Express that is rolling into nearby Whippany on Sunday will get me healthy and inspired to play even better when we meet again and deplete our body’s health status even more next week.

The music we played is available at the following link:


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  1. lgindoff
    Sep 27, 2010 @ 23:50:30

    Check out the Ronnie Penque Band featuring Deadstein alum Trister on lead. More to come if you like it or not.

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