Jam – 2010-04-14 – Carroll’s

Seemed like it would be a typical Wednesday night jam with me on lead , Alan on rhythm, Kev on bass, Scott and Rich …  In many respects, it was such a night… In many more it, it wasn’t.  The night was bracketed by a slow fade in and a slow fade out.

Rich was unusually late as he didn’t come with Scott to the Studio.  He was frantically trying to get a DVD project done for some Brazilian woman who ended up showing up at midnight to see Deadstein at its most lethargic.  With Rich late and Alan also running behind, Kevin, Scott and I started the night with a trio of music.  After midnight and maybe another odd song or two.  Unless Scott or Kevin chime in with whatever else we played, we will never know because there was no recording.

As everyone got there the five of us opened the jamming with an Alabama Getaway.  It was around that time that Ken showed up with a box of cookies tied with bakers string.  Then Miriam, Rob and a new friend of theirs came and hung for a song or two. For a little while we had a little freakfest going for a while.It was too cool but the scene couldn’t sustain itself.

After playing a good set of songs, lots of good jams and moments Alan was called to home duties.  I guess that is why they call them home duties.  Rob and Miriam had enough and Ken had to get home and do his taxes.  We were down to Core-4.  Before I knew it Kevin was making love to the floor and we were back to a trio.  We spent this time playing songs from the supplemental book including a Boxer, Beatles assortment and the end of Dark Side of the Moon.  Hey at least most of us survived.  Till next Tuesday Freak Out. Not.

Below are the first 10 songs Rich recorded from the night.  We payed many songs thereafter but it was after people started falling out.  The Don’t Let Go and Dear Prudence was a Core-4 the rest was the full band.

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  1. 1 eyed Rob
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 15:24:32


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