Jam – 2010-01-12 – Carroll’s

Well, it was the second jam of the year and for the most part we were in better shape this week than the previous week, so that was a positive trend.  It was just us 5 with Alan on Bob and me on Jerry.  The only guest we had was Scott Bayer who showed up for 3 or four songs toward the end of the evening, playing Bongos to the music when he could.  For one song I asked him to use my iPhone to video us playing a Come Together.  While the music was ok and the recording of the song was marginal, using the iPhone’s camera, it did mark a significant milestone in Deadstein history.  For through the iPhone and a streaming service called Ustream were we able to record and broadcast the Deadstein jam live, as it happened.  This means that we can alert friends of when we are about to start broadcasting so they can tune in and join I the fun.

Look for the streams at:


or follow Deadstein on Twitter.

We kind of had this ability in the Pseudo days, but the Internet was much less mature and everything was much more complicated.  With this we just point the iPhone and it captures what is happening is terrible sight and sound.  Nevertheless, it does capture us.  Tell your friends to follow Deadstein on Twitter to find out when a jam is being broadcast.  An additional benefit of the live broadcast is that it provides a means to record and store these recordings on the USteam.tv network, all quickly and in real time.  This way it is done once we hit stop.  I don’t have to take video home download, convert and upload.  What a wild world 2010 is!  One final benefit is that I can also make recordings outside of the jam so look for my commentary spoken in the car after the jam to get the real deal with respect to how I felt about a specific jam.

All this new technology doesn’t do squat for making us better as we still play through 1965 reissue Fender Twin Reverb amplifiers.  We opened with a Scott suggestion of the I’ll Take a Melody which I thought was pretty good.  Other Garbands that we managed to sneak by during the night included a Love in the Afternoon and I Shall Be Released.  We also did a couple of new songs for Deadstein out of the Fakebook including The Weight, which we all sang verses on, including Alan following the text exactly as it refers to “Scraps” my dog as opposed to “Jack” my dog.  It was good to hear him sing that line.  We also did a bassless Wild Horses with Scott singing during one of Kevin’s many breaks.

We played a China Cat where Alan played the Jerry China Cat riff with me doing the Bob riff while I did the Jerry parts for the rest of it.  We had a substantial singular Playing in the Band and we delivered on a Truckin’ à Morning Dew where the Truckin’ was selected by the iPhone spin-o-rama.  That iPhone is an amazing little gadget as I used it throughout the night to find answers to the several factual questions we discussed, such as who invented chewing gum.

Dark Hollow and Ripple were amongst the semi-acoustic styled songs that we did for the night.  Ballad of a Thin Man was a first for Alan.  The spin-o-rama called for a Queen Jane following the Thin Man but we rejected it based on the fact we just completed another long Dylan song.  The weight came as a result of the spin-o-rama also.  We didn’t use it too much, but it did come in handy.

Some of the classic Rich songs we performed were the You Win Again and Mister Charlie.  Neither of which I was too comfortable during, but they weren’t bad either.  I felt much more at ease this week than last and was feeling much better also.  Kevin was still sporting a face that should be the cover of a Peter Gabriel solo album as well as ear plugs.  His aural isolation gave us the opportunity to play softer than usual at some points, but me and my distortion rig broke through that sound barrier when I had the confidence to do so.  This happened for the most part during the Morning Dew lead and maybe the Deal which closed out the night.

Plenty of good moments this week, lots of “pos” to enjoy and a feeling as if there are still many good times to come.  That is why you need to make a commitment to show up to every jam.  If now there, follow us on Twitter and UStream.tv, the Deadstein channel to get a glimpse of what is going on.  Until we meet again, same freak time, same freak channel.

To hear what we did this week go to:


We saw silloettes of Jerry in here.

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  1. Brotpen
    Jan 13, 2010 @ 19:17:22

    After reading an article about Merle Haggard in Rolling Stone, I realized that I’d never heard Merle Haggard sing Mama Tried. So, I took a little trip on YouTube to find out more about it.

    Merle Haggard 1968
    The basics, from the guy who wrote it.

    Everly Brothers on Smothers Brothers
    Check out the harmony part!

    Grateful Dead do it at Woodstock 8/16/69

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