Jam – 2009-12-14 – Carroll’s

Quick iPhone Snap, I assume Scott has the opposite angle.

After missing a week of jamming, since Scott was in the middle of a concert run, Deadstein was back for a Monday night of jamming at Carroll’s.  This week, once again, I was taking on Jerry guitar duties and Bob vocals while Alan was playing the Bob guitar.  It definitely has been a fun challenge for me to really get into the Jerry thing and look forward to continuing to work on it into the future.  I’ve been working on it at home, trying to learn some of those standard licks that I should know but didn’t have to tackle during my years of playing Bob.  I feel as if I’ve been making lots of progress in the last few months as I educate myself more in the ways of Jerry.  In an effort to get a bit more tone and versatility out of my sound, I didn’t lug the ART SGX 2000, or whatever that thing is, and my Epiphone Les Paul and got some good tones at times, though I mostly played clean.  It’s tough to adjust the SGX mid-song.  In addition, Alan lent me his MXR envelop filter and a-wah we go.  I had it going for the Fire on the Mountain, but I think it put Scotty to sleep during it.  Scarlet Fire is a long hard battle after the 11:00 hour.

I’m posting this several days after the actual jam so I don’t recall too much but the Brotman recording are already done so glancing at them should help jog my memory.  What I do recall, as referenced above, is the band running out of steam precipitously toward the end of the night.  We probably only made it to 11:45 as Scott was falling asleep on the thrown and and rolling his shoulders in anguish after a long nights worth of Deadstein jamming.

With the week off I was also able to complete the supplemental packet of Deadstein Fakebook, version 1.0 music and got it printed as a handout to the band.  We played a few songs from this packet, 2 were good, one wasn’t and I was mocked for it.  The Gimme Some Lovin was right on and good and a Deadstein first.  The Two of Us was surprisingly good although Kevin frustratingly never got the off-time break at the end of the verses.  next time it will be perfect.  The Ring of Fire I was excoriated for and asked how cheap the Fakebook would have been without it.  Kevin was not happy about the Ring of Fire but we will see, it will be a good song one day because it is a good song.  It has the same type of Mexican flare as Mexicali Blues.

Rich commented in his emails how he liked the Big Boss Man and Aiko-Aiko.  I do recall the Aiko-Aiko flowing out of my fingers automatically at the end of the Uncle John’s/Playing jam.  It felt good when I started it for the first 10 seconds but I quickly lost confidence in it shortly thereafter so I’m glad it turned out good.

If you want to listen to the songs from the night go to the following link or just click the song below.  Wow we played 20 songs or so, no wonder Scott didn’t endure.


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