Jam – 2009-11-11 – Carroll’s


Red White and Blue for Veterans Day

A big Wednesday night jam was expected and in some parts we got it.  Firstly it was Veteran’s Day so I had the day off which gave me the opportunity to hike all day and jam all night.  And yes, we did play a Tennessee Jed.  So I was well rested and ready to go.  We were expecting a few friend to top by and they did.  I wish, or I’m glad I don’t remember their names but we played some of our best stuff to them, including the Ship of Fools, Tennessee Jed and Let It Grow.  To run down the guest list we had Leo the camera man, who played bongos at the end of the night and he is good!  He was pushing us to play out thinking we were really good, we rocked his world.  Ironically, there was no Scott Bayer to play but we had Leo who knew his way around those skins.  Our good friend Michael was there with Seth, who I recall from the past as well as 2 of his buddies.  Coming in talking lots of trash talk, I mean Rat Dog.


Rich was running wild coming into a jam to only leave directly for a flight to Hong Kong where he is shooting a documentary on someone who lives there.  Some how he expects to be back by next Tuesday for the next jam.  Something tells me he is going to have the flew when he gets back.  I hope he brings industrial sized bottles of hand sanitizers.  At least he won’t be tempted to eat the pig’s ears like I would.

DCC_5219_edited-1We had a lousy Mackie Board but some nice PA speakers so by the end of the night the PA was sounding okay.  I liked how the piano was sounding.  Maybe it was some of the quietness we played with.  It hurt us in the first song, Shakedown which was to slow and timid and not a good effort.  We significantly improved after that.  Andy was a our lead for the night but we did get a Stoned Me in as Core-4 prior Andy showing up.  I don’t know if anyone heard this during the recent World Series debacle, but they referred to Jeter, Rivera, Pettitte and Posada as the Core-4.  See the article I found while researching the spellings.  Says the Core-4 is better in 09 than they were in 98.


I had my Epiphone Les Paul, which I rarely take out of the house and after a song or two, I got used to it.  I was tough to get used to the extra weight and even more irritating was the sharp edge on the guitar which rubbed against my arm in a bad way since it is not bull-nosed like my Strat.  Not that I am complaining, I’m just trying to tell you what I experienced.  We had lots of snacks on top of the piano and the rest was status quo, which is a good thing.  We ended with a great Let It Grow, Deal, Black Muddy River which I though was appropriate since I hiked the Black River earlier in the day, though it wasn’t muddy.

To hear the jams go to the folder below or just play the damn song.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KEVIN
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 13:32:53

    Freaky and Deadstein have always gone hand in hand. This week proved Desdstein has not lost it’s “grasp”.
    Oh, and the music was really good too.

  2. Larry G
    Nov 14, 2009 @ 13:59:13


    I think you will really like this podcast Adam Carolla does with Michael Anthony.


    [audio src="http://podcast.931jackfm.com/kcbs2/2058026.mp3" /]

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