Jam – 2009-10-13 Carroll’s

DCC_2899_edited-1It seemed as if we were back to a semi-normal jam this week. Jason was scheduled and psyched to play and he got there by the 2nd or 3rd song.  He came in with a nice Dunkin Donut Dozen (alliteration) and by happen-chance, I brought in a thermos of coffee and it was a nice mix.  We now jam like my mother plays canasta, it’s embarrassing; not quite rock and roll, but when we were ready to play we left it up to the random  iSpinomatic.  And the iSpinomatic spun us up a Morning Dew to play as our first song with Jason.  It all worked and we pulled out one of Deadstein’s best played Morning Dews to date.  Really sweet stuff.  It must have been the donuts.  Maybe it was the Halloween cookies Ken brought. Whatever it was, we played it very solidly and relaxed.


Ken was there, the friend of Phil the  Vet who seems to really dig us.  His positive vibe engages us to play it up a notch when we can.  Eventually Ken’s friend, Art came in to dig us also.  Besides Scott Bayer, that was the extent of our guest list, but I get the sense we are really beginning to amass a following.  We have Carol on the cell-phone that feels as if she is in the room with us on the speaker phone.  It’s a crazy world.  When we later played Stella Blue, Art got all excited and got the idea of playing the song live to his daughter, also over the cellular network.  We are such a forward looking and far reaching band, allowing our fans, known as Deadsteinheads, to transmit our shows over the cellular network.  Too bad the Stella Blue’s lead was masqueraded.


Looks Like Kevin's Playboy Interview Photo Shoot

DCC_2900_edited-1Jason was only able to play for 6-8 songs until he got pulled away.  Too bad because I think we were gelling nicely.  Oh well, Deadstein moves on.  We got into a lot more GarBand and ended the night a few minutes early with a very unsatisfying Satisfaction.  Not to worry, the bad Satisfaction was the exception and not the rule.  For the most part we played well with feeling and sensitivity.  We played with a pink tone for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Whatever it was, it was pretty good.  Good enough to get Ken to ask Scott for his number to keep tabs on the Deadstein experience.  We must be doing something right.

In the world, global warming concerns peaked during the jam as I had a tremendous case of the winds. It was advisable that Ken and Art found seats that were not behind me.

As you can see from the song list provided through Rich’s recording, we only got to 15 songs, way short of last week’s 24 songs.  Anyway, it’s about quality and not quantity.  To hear them all you can go to the website or just click the song below.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brotpen
    Oct 15, 2009 @ 23:39:04

    Nice work protecting our 5th Amendment Rights with the snazzy video editing.

  2. deadstein
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 17:11:01

    Thanks, took so doing but I am now better for it.

  3. Scott
    Oct 17, 2009 @ 09:56:54

    Great stuff’ very creative.
    FURTHUR NYE Announced
    Road trip anyone?

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