Jam – 2009-08-25 – Carroll’s

IMG_0214Tuesday night at Carroll’s, Nine Inch Nails were playing next door so we had to park on 54th instead of 55th. No big deal, Kevy risked parking in the tow-away-zone and got away with it.

It was a night were we had no guests yet we seemed to have to have two of our favorites, Coffee and Trister. They were there for most of the night and it was great to play with them. Trister was there last week, if you read, but I missed it due to car troubles.  Additionally, Coffee Boy bailed on last week so this week was like a reunion jam for all of us.  Quite a bit of fun.  I was gloating about my new pickup truck to replace my old Jetta.  Take a Look.

IMG_0200We played well, some great solid grooves and the feeling was positive for the most part.  I warned Andy about going for the Big River but he didn’t listen.  Somehow we made it through the whole thing.  In the same vein, we were using the iPhone with shuffle to select random songs for us to play.  We didn’t listen totally to it but it did provide us some good suggestions.   What it does do is let us listen to a sample of the song before playing it and what you realize, with examples like the Big River is how many songs we play at a molasses pace and how hard it is to play at a pace and liveliness that ironically is the Grateful Dead.  Something to seriously understand and work on.  The random song selector got us to play What a Wonderful World, which everyone knows I’m a sucker for.  I got us to play a Garband Masterpiece with Andy singing.  Likewise, it got us to play a really nice You Never Can Tell.  So the random song selector impacted the night but did not dominate it. 

After both Andy and then Coffee left we played a good 4 or five more songs, primarily based on the random song selector.  After starting the late night Core-4 we played the How Sweet It Is and then the iPhone got us to play a Birdsong, Victim Dear Mr. Fantasy.  We were done at 12:00 midnight but due to tunnel traffic I didn’t get home until 1:30.  I was a little tired this morning but still enjoying the thrill of last night.  Until we jam again. That’s what she said.

To hear what we did, listen below:

  • 01 Hard To Handle.mp3
  • 02 Brother Esau.mp3
  • 03 When Push Comes To Shove.mp3
  • 04 Mama Tried Big River.mp3
  • 05 When I Paint My Masterpiece.mp3
  • 06 C’est La Vie.mp3
  • 07 Dire Wolf.mp3
  • 08 Let It Grow.mp3
  • 09 Wang Dang Doodle.mp3
  • 10 Big Railroad Blues.mp3
  • 11 Scarlet Begonias.mp3
  • 12 Brokedown Palace.mp3
  • 13 How Sweet It Is.mp3
  • 14 What A Wonderful World.mp3
  • 15 Bird Song.mp3
  • 16 Uncle Johns Band.mp3
  • 17 Victim Or The Crime.mp3
  • 18 Dear Mr Fantasy.mp3
  • 2 Comments (+add yours?)

    1. KEVIN
      Aug 27, 2009 @ 07:32:58

      When you end a post with a “That’s what she said”, I think that alone is an indicator of the positiveness of the evening. I want more.

    2. lgindoff
      Aug 31, 2009 @ 18:14:29

      That’s what Kevy said.

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