Jam – 2009-06-24 – Carroll’s

Band of ConeFreaks

Band of ConeFreaks

We were playing Wednesday this week which meant we had access to both Andy and Coffee so we were able to enjoy their company for a little while.   Being they live the furthest and don’t have the stamina of the rest of use meant the two of them were out of there shortly after 10:00 leaving Kevin, Scott, Rich and I to finish out the night in classic Core-4 fashion.  No big deal, that’s what we do, but Scott did go down quickly by 11:30.  It was a a fun Deadstein night though, as most are.

IMG_3251_edited-1When we arrived at 55th Street the club next door was having and show which meant parking was more difficult that usual.  I parked a block away, but on 55th. Kevin parked in the newly illegal spot across the street but got by.  Kevin was the first on there  and the rest of us arrived simultaneously to great Kevin who was hanging out with Chris the cool Carroll’s manager.

From second one you could tell this was going to be a loud night and the PA and the PZM in the piano was having trouble dealing with it.  The othernon-PZM piano microphone is definately better in both feedback rejection and lack of “uch”.  I was also rationing the access to the PA by only having the mics that were to be used in that song on.  This helped a lot  and enabled me to boost the channel of the primary singer.

IMG_3240_edited-1With respect to guests, Stu was there looking dapper in his lawyer outfit and he was cool to take pictures of us in action.  Check out his cool pose to the right. Ken Levine was there still buzzing from the excitement of last week.  Finally, Scott Bayer also showed, blowing his harmonica, getting us to call Carol to play to her over the cell phone and asking Stu for civil law advice while Stu claimed ignorance to knowing there were actually laws that controlled the civil world.  Nevertheless, talking to Scott Bayer is always an adventure.

A day later, trying to remeber songs is tough but I’ll try.  I recall a Brown-Eyed Women, Big Boss Man, we didn’t play Lied and Cheated.  Trister ended his night with a Brokedown played a full step higher than we traditionally play it (eighties style) and that f-up Kevy a bit.   End of the night Core-4 included Run for the Roses, Simple Twist of Fate, Harder They Come.

Below is the setlist from thenight as well as the links to the MP3 recordings thanks to the fforts of Rich and his recorder.


In the world Ed McMann died, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson all just died. There were beautiful rain clouds and splatters of sunshine all over on the way in though it never rained on me.

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