Jam – 2009-05-06 – Carroll’s



Wednesday night and as fate would have it, there was only core Deadstein to be had.  Not that core Deadstein is a bad thing, it is just nice to share what we have with other like minded individuals.  The weather was nice coming in and there was no traffic, but pouring on the way home.  It made for a challenging, hydro-planing ride home.  

img_3051_edited-1I was the first on there, the Scott, Rich and Kevin.  We had no guests and not even a call to Carol.  We were by ourselves for better or worse.  Early on Scott was pre-occupied with Lisa’s journey into Kentucky and Ohio to pick Matt up from School.  Scott was beat from seeing the The Dead shows and Springsteen (just another Deadstein cover band) with all the Patron that entails.  Nevertheless, early on he was on and strong.  By the Forever Young at the end of the night he was head bobbing as he was playing in his sleep.  An impressive feat in and of itself.

We started the night nicely with the Uncle Johns into Playing and we stopped in the middle of the Playing jam, but we had enough and what we had was good.  I remember a bad Hard to Handle, tough to get a groove on.  Althea that I sang felt very good.  Rich sang a good Ramble on Rose until I messed up thinking the song ended prematurely.  Though unmotivated we ended the night after a long break of watching classic Deadstein on Rich’s laptop of Kevin’s 35th birthday at the Hardrock playing a fun and well done Across the Universe.  Even Scott was back up after for that.

Fun night was had by all and we played some kick ass music to boot.  To listen to the songs, use the links below:




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