Jam 2009-04-27 – Carroll’s

 img_3024_edited-1This was a Monday night jam stuffed in the middle of the The Dead tour.  We had the Garden this Saturday (Jason had Hartford last night) and we have 2 Byrne shows tomorrow and Wednesday.  A Busy time in the Grateful Dead family but Deadstein still finds its nook.

With the shows in town and lots going on we had more guests than usual.  We had Leo of Ludlow, Scott of Bayer, Trebor (Robert and Miranda of Thinkspace, not Drums and then we had Marjorie, Jason’s friend from the day.  Lots of people and place and things to discuss. We almost didn’t have the jam, but Scott was cool enough to muster up the energy to play and play he did well.


Until 10:15 or so we didn’t have a Jerry so we had to resort ironically to playing only Jerry songs.  The exception to this was playing a Mexicali which was a request by Miranda.  I think we did several real nice Garband things before Jason showed up.  The Brothers and Sisters,Stop That Train, Dear Prudence opener was overly solid.  Throw in a Cats Down Under the Stars , Tore Up and more and you had a very respectable JGB Effort.


img_3031_edited-1Jason arrived fresh off 2 shows in a row and psyched to play after a long day of work.  He had the Q-Tron going so we opened with the sultry Fire and played an Estimated.  Played a few more in between including a late night Rooster and closing with a Here Comes Sunshine.  There wasn’t enough time, so it seemed but it was all the time there was.

Off to the Byrne then back next week for some more Deadstein.  For when the The Dead is all packed and gone on; Deadstein remains to hold on to.



The snake from hell I was staring at all night.

The snake from hell I was staring at all night.

If you want to hear this night’s jam it is available at the link below or just use the embedded WordPress media player to stream the song right from the link below.


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