Jam 2009-420 – Carroll’s

img_3009_edited-1It’s a Monday night jam following a Thursday night jam with a Dead show and two kayak trips in between these Deadstein nights.  Seems like I just been there yet seems like I’ve been gone for so long.    This was a night where I was chattering about these adventures to the chagrin of others  but I guess I had a lot to say.

It was just the five of us with Jason on lead with his Strat and Rich had a cold.The only guest to show was Scott the Cacophonous harmonica player.  We started with a pretty groovie China Rider where we had some good guitar duo-licks during the rider.  We were to go into a Mam – Mex, but Jason for some reason went into the Big River took Kevin quite a while to realize.  It had to many grooves to feel good.  It all sounded good, we played an had fun.  I didn’t bring any extra food tonight. Scarlet Fire was big and we are getting better at the Stephen. 

Till next Monday.


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