Jam 2008-12-17 Carroll’s

2008-11-08_0586December 17, 2008 at Carroll’s and we attracted a big band.  This was Deadstein with guests, old and new.  First we had Trsiter on lead and he brought his buddy Halfstep Scott who was playing his newly acquired Bob Weir Ibanez. tree of life beauty.  In addition, Coffee came back for a week and so did Scott’s friend Andrew playing sax and flute.  He had a classic Jerry Garcia Songbook version 1 or 2.  Real retro. It was a big festival for everyone.  I also took a few videos so check them out as I post them.  The music is provided in the links below.


Larry, Scott, Coffee, Kevin, Trister, Scott from Halfstep and Andrew, Stu was a guest 

I played a few songs with the Bob Weir guitar and it was really cool.  It wad a 3-channel EQ and was made with beautiful craftmanship.  It was quite the instrument.







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