August 20, 2008 – Week off with no Deadstein

Might as well look at Jerry.

Might as well look at Jerry.

It’s rare, but we just couldn’t get it together this week.  Kevin and Scott being away usually means I don’t play.  That’s okay.  It’s been a beautiful August to date so riding around town, walking the dogs has been just as fun. Not! 

WTF, no jam.  Come-on guys. wimps. Not!

WFT, enjoy a week off. Not!

Can’t wait to get together again.  Can’t say I’ve played too much.  The new piano has gotten in the way.  That’s been a lot of fun, the tuner knew what he was doing.  I can’t wait to call him back in 2 weeks so he can earn his $95 for tuning my piano so me and my dog Rags can sing together.  Remember Rags can play keyboards as you can see in the you tube video below.  I know you all have seen this video but I have to keep lugging it.  It is that cute.


Hey Check me out doing agility with scraps last summer.


That leads to this week’s poll. 

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