Jam – 2010-11-17 – Carroll’s

This was a strange night for Deadstein. For the first time that I remember, we actually had two drummers playing on and off with neither one them being Scott, who happened to be at the Radiators concert and wasn’t playing with us this week.
We had both Bill Sloan and Russell M who both Rich and Alan new from previous bands. In addition, we had Jeff Blues blues rocking out on his variety of cool old guitars.  He brought a giant bag of chocolate covered almonds for us to munch on.

It all sounded really well  throughout the night. When it came to quitting, we didn’t seem to want to, as we played well past our 12 o’clock stop time.   As far as guests, besides these three guest musicians, we didn’t have any. Ironically, with all the drummers we had for the night,the evening started with me playing drums using my hands during the Big Boss Man. I then borrowed a pair of sticks from Alan of Caroll’s and started playing the Deep Elem Blues and that is when Bill walked into the studio. I tried to pull off the seamless switch from drumming to the new drummer in the middle of the song but to no avail. Nevertheless, we finished off the Deep Elem Blues in its entirety with Bill drumming.

Bill played the first set for five or six songs, maybe even seven, songs. I guess I’ll see when the MP3s get posted. We then switched and had Russell play the second set and that was also fun and good. We granted him the setlist he requested prior to the jam including Scarlet, Fire, Playing, Other One Death Don’t Have No Mercy and Sugar Magnolia. Fun and exciting stuff. The Death was one of the highlights of the night where we displayed some nice dynamics.

We continued with the third set with Bill on drums and we did some big stuff there also including an Estimated, Eyes with the entire ending jam that ended with a big D minor jam that we didn’t seem to want to end and fortunately Alan figured out how to lead us into the closing of Playing in the Band.  We finished the around 12:30.  Hopefully we can piece together a jam for the always difficult Thanksgiving week.

For the MP3s of the night go to:



Jam – 2010-02-22 – Carroll’s

It’s a beginning of the week Monday jam and Carroll’s took us out of the book and did not have a room set for us when we got there.  No big deal, three of the cool dudes from Carroll’s quickly cleared the room  and loaded the Deadstein setup.  It was there stuff anyway.  Carroll’s continues to be the coolest place!  Chris the manager even told us he checked out our website and said it was really cool.  Almost makes it all the blogging worthwhile. Fortunately Kevin got there 45 minutes early and got them into action.

Further (Grateful Dead remnants) are playing at Radio City this week, 30 years from the Grateful Dead’s run, so Scott had to rest up for the shows over the next couple of days.  This gave us the impetus to contact Bill Sloan to play drums with us.  Us being me, Kevin, Rich and Alan.  It was good to play with Bill again.  He knows the music and plays it well.  For those who don’t know, Bill and I used to play squash together at the SUNY Albany gym courts in 1986 when we were college roommates.  There are pictures of our house on the review I did of the Albany Dead shows from 2009. Check it out.

As I was saying, it was a pleasure playing with Bill, we fell apart once or twice but nothing of great concern.  I’ll take much of the fall for much of the fall.  I  never really got my legs under me all night playing leads.  It felt like an opportunity lost on my part.  Nevertheless, you have to forge ahead and make it work for everyone else.  Speaking of which, Scott Bayer was there beating his hands on the bongos for a while.

With Rich’s Mac on the “britz”, as they say where they manufacture those things, who knows if we will get the MP3s he recorded or not, so I will try to remember what we played.  We opened with the Cold Rain and Snow which it is doing right now as I type.  There was the Big Boss man which I never fully got the riff on, but came close.  The Cumberland was weak, but the Mama Tried was strong.  Crazy Fingers was something I can’t forget remembering but it was on Alan’s list and we did it.  On Bill’s list was the Althea which I sang.  I like doing that song these day but not that I did it well this evening.  Kevin was not wearing his ear plugs for the first time for 4 or 5 weeks and I remember he commented that he hit the Mama Tried perfectly for the first time in his Deadstein career.  The same could be said for the Devil where he was oblivious the the existence of the Am in the break.  I knew about, I just didn’t hit it.  We played a Cassidy early in the night,  That was a perfect example of me failing in all the good things I have been learning over the past two or three months. My modal playing just wasn’t there and I couldn’t get it going and there you have it.  Stagger Lee took a restart but it finished well.  At some point we played an Uncle John’s Band.  We ended the night with a Stella Blue –> Throwing Stones -> Note Fadeaway.  The close was the Brokedown Palace and a Feel Like a Stranger.  I can’t say I was thrilled with too much of it from my own perspective in missed opportunities.  I think the Throwing Stones –> Not Fade I was able to get comfortable on but that was primarily cause I was focusing on rhythm and singing. “Whatch” you gonna do?  I don’t even want to mention the Other One that was a difficult paddle upstream but we did reach the  end point.  We probably played 5 or 6 other songs in addition.   At midnight Bill said wow the 4 hours goes quickly even though going into it he thought the four hours would be a long time.

I hope the Further shows are good and Scott come back psyched and eager to play.  Nothing like seeing some shows to get you juices flowing.  Till we jam again.  Freak out.  Don’t forget to follow Deadstein on Twitter to know when updated to the blog are posted or videos get uploaded.  By the way, I brought my shitty little compact digital camera cause I was tired of my iPhone shots and I can’t believe it, the iPhone take’s better pictures.  That thing sucks, it doesn’t focus anymore.  Oh well.  Freak-Out!

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