YouTube on our weblog? Why not?

Click here to view instructions on how to post a YouTube Video within your post.  When you find a nice one share it with the rest of us.

For instance below is the Good Night Irene I think of every time Kevin errantly says “Ggood Night Irene, Brrrp!” at around 11:25 every jam.

Deadstein blog is open for business

Well, has been  messed up for 3 months now and we haven’t been able to post for 2 years or so, probably more so I figured maybe it’s time the get with it.  I have been listening to Leo LaPorte on podcasts on my new AT&T Tilt while biking to work recently, and he is a tech guru and he suggested as the blogging/webpage solution that sounded good for Deadstein.  So here it it and here it goes. 

Like any evovling wold of communication, there will be some rough patches in the road.  I assume we will insult someone, some how.  Remeber the Johnny/Dave Schwartz censorship battle in the 90’s I believe.  So take this new path for what it is, avaoid the potholes but enjoy the enginuity and we blog into the future. 

Then again, this webblog thing in maybe another failed atempt to get a forum going.

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