Jam – 2012-05-01 – Carroll’s

With Rich out of town, this Tuesday night was highlighted by the presence of Bill Siegel playing the keys and the singing lots of the songs for the night. Having Bill is a nice bonus in and of itself but the sounds of the keyboard in addition to piano sounds are a real nice addition to Deadstein sound. Coupled with not needing to amplify an acoustic piano through the PA system gave us a pretty open sound for the night.

The night started really open because as we started late, around 8:25, with Lee still AWOL. I called him and found out he thought we were playing on Wednesday night, not Tuesday. Clutch as he was, he popped into his car and raced to join us and made it before the end of the first set. In the end, Lee only missed 5 or 6 songs.

We were located in the big studio at Carroll’s as the others studios were filled with Carnegie Hall wanabies and a big group of serious Klemzer musicians. Deadstein fit right in. Rob and Miriam showed up with a big bag of leftover Baja no-so- Fresh catered Mexican food for all of us to munch into. I tried a bite and it was a distraction to me. A great thought though. Also in the room were Stevie and Lindsey as well and Ryan who sat in on the drums for a song or two. Meg was nowhere to be found.

We never really had a distinction between sets as we began a Big River without Kevin and Bill also jammed a Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out without several of us. We then went into the second set and finished strong right at 12:00pm.

We didn’t have a setlist planned and we only used the Randomizer to select the Bertha opener, nevertheless we kept the songs moving and ended playing a healthy 20 songs or so. Without Rich being there we didn’t have a good way to record the night’s music. I got a few moments on my iPhone, but whether it is usable or not, I will have to check out.

The songs played in approximate order are as follows:

  1. Bertha
  2. Dear Prudence
  3. Feel Like a Stranger
  4. Mississippi Halfstep
  5. Looks Like Rain
  6. Come Together
  7. Loser
  8. One More Saturday Night
  9. Bottle of Red Wine
  10. Shakedown Street
  11. West LA Fadeaway
  12. Harder They Come
  1. Big River
  2. Minglewood Blues
  3. Glass Onion
  4. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out
  5. Ship of Fools
  6. Promised Land
  7. New Speedway Boogie
  8. Throwing Stones
  9. Not Fade Away


Jam – 2011-10-25 – Carroll’s

this once again was a jam where it was the non-core four. In other words, Rich was not at the jam and it was a simple for guitar strike that to guitar bass and drum evening.

Hopefully, as you can tell I am using my iPhone’s Siri dictation interface to compose and write down this blog posting. Such as last week, I intend to not change any of what I’m saying and let you see how effective or not effective this Siri really is.

And on with the posting. caps so like I said, this was a jam where it was just the four of us and we had the quietness of no keyboard microphone in the room. caps so that actually made for some of our most dynamic music almost to date. Be charivari was quite up-and-down from a dynamic perspectives and that was pretty cool.

But we certainly had our terrible moments including the start of the night. I suggested we opened with a seen your and Kevin graciously agreed to it, but it was a disaster from the start and we jump ship rather quickly. Scott suggested we just look to the left of the seeing your and played the second that emotion which we did and that got us going. At this point of the jam we were only three people as Alan hadn’t arrived.

Alan arrived after the second that emotion and it certainly help us gel into a more cohesive unit. As far as guests we had a few. There was Rob and Miriam and who would’ve thunk that cookie 10 would’ve shown up with a box of cookies, almost all chocolate coated.

So like last week, Richard wasn’t there to record the band. Caps I therefore grabbed my iPhone I decide to record most of the songs. This week at least I brought my AC adapter so the iPhone could keep up a charge through the whole night wall recording the band. Since several people but moaned the concept of having the video up on the website I decided to compromise and record using some sort of comic filter over the video. It came out pretty cool though. So I decide to post what I talk anyway. Only missing from the video was the end of the night where we played a few non-bed songs like a comfortably numb and a Beatles song what did we play, oh yeah it was Savoie truffle.

Tap and that’s about it, you can see the dictation is better and more comprehendible than last weeks. The fact that I am in my room not in the car and dictating actually into the microphone supplied in the iPhone your bugs that came with it I think help the situation. But you can see it’s not perfect, but Siri and I are becoming better and better acquainted making a better partnership and a better posting. Who knows, one day it may be more coherent than the incoherence that I’ve been posting for all these years.

Zappa Plays Zappa – 2010-12-17 – Beacon Theater, NY

On this gridlock alert day I ventured into the city on Friday night to catch a Zappa Plays Zappa concert at the Beacon.  The traffic wasn’t too bad and I found a spot at 55th and 10th, right by Kevin’s favorite cheese-steak deli, parked the car and hoofed it up to the Beacon.  It was a exhilarating walk which prepped me for the exhilarating show ahead.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hRQw-DmzfY%5D

I was never a big Frank Zappa fan, but I did have several of his albums and was able to digest, appreciate and eventually come to like some of his music.  I was especially fond of Apostrophe and Joe’s Garage but also had Sheik Yerbouti and Live at the Roxy.  Additionally, I do recall being at a Bobby and the Midnights show in the 80s at the Capitol Theater in Passaic sitting right behind the soundboard.  During intermission they were playing music that had a sick lead in it and I turned around to look and saw it was a Zappa bootleg in the cassette player rolling.  I awoke me to his great guitar prowess.  As such, in the post Grateful Dead, MP3, Internet era I have listened and searched out quite a bit of Frank Zappa music in comparison to some other of my nostalgic music from my past.  Much of the Zappa music is still tough to absorb but I have been getting some of it.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R0Glt1efMU]

When my brother Jay provided me the opportunity to see Zappa Plays Zappa at the Beacon several months ago, I pounced on the opportunity.  Great googley-moogley!    They were doing Apostrophe.  We had nice seats in the right orchestra around 10 rows back and it was a pretty intimate feeling at the Beacon with the Band.  They opened with a jam highlighting the horns and then started right into doing Apostrophe.  It was really well done and the band was tight and great sounding.  It was very complex music and they plowed through it with confidence and grace.  Dweezil handled the guitar parts all with tremendous proficiency, coming out of his rig like it was built in his DNA.   A very talented shredding guitarist.  After the Apostrophe album they play for about another hour of assorted songs with a nice 30 minute encore.  A very interesting night of ultra-tight music  which is in great contrast to the type of music I am accustomed to in our jamband environment.  The show was really good but I’m not sure I would pounce again at the opportunity to see it when they roll around next year.  Nevertheless, it was an experience that was quite worthwhile.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKAW5OayKn4]

2010-11-21 Furthur at Madison Square Garden

I don’t see to many concerts, especially Grateful Dead legacy ones, but my brother Jay got me a ticket to Sunday night’s Furthur show at the Garden, so off I went.  Bruce and I had an easy trip into the city, met Jay for dinner and a couple of beers, and into the Garden we went.  Amazingly enough, we had seats in section 325, row D at the center court, that were Jay’s exact season ticket seats for the Rangers.

The city was tame and so was the Garden in that nothing was sold out or crowded.  Things were in control and civilized. The Garden was half empty but it doesn’t matter, the band it there to play and make music, not to exhilarate the audience.  Everything was working as it was supposed to in 2010.  The band and the lights were right on and modern.  The music has developed into a more sophisticated brand of music that ties together the worlds of the past and the future. Enough of an homage to classic Grateful Dead while providing enough freedom to explore new and future realms.  At times they left us behind in their crazy style of music, but the band kept me as a fan in their rear-view mirror never running too away from me. Always letting catching up with the at the proverbial red light which is a new song, which are few and far between.

Below is the set list and a few notes on reach.

Set 1

  • Truckin’> Disappointed when they did it, vocally seemed meager but jam afterwards was great.  Made me realized the bass/keys stuff going on could be really out there in a very in there type of way.  Impressively and seamlessly switched keys from Truckin’ to Cumberland.
  • Cumberland Blues>
  • Any Road
  • Viola Lee Blues Surprisingly now as out there as one would think which made it hotter
  • Cassidy
  • Eyes of the World >
  • So Many Roads >  Really well sung
  • Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Set 2: Better than the first set

  • Born Cross-Eyed > It’s embarrassing I thought it was a new Bob song
  • The Wheel > Really well sung and powerful
  • Weather Report Prelude > Part 1 >  Really well done
  • Time > Breathe (reprise) > Powerful and well sung
  • Let It Grow >  This was really hot
  • Unbroken Chain >
  • Morning Dew > This was really well done, they did Jerry and the Garden proud.
  • Playin’ In The Band Thought they would have stopped at the Morning Dew this seemed like a nice added bonus
  • Donor Rap
  • E: Brokedown Palace – Sweetly sung by Bob and had a great lead, nice encore

It took some pictures during the show and they aren’t good but if you want to look at them, take a look.  I haven’t figured out the concert photo thing yet but I am still trying.  Another cool thing is that I was able to stream video during the show via U-Stream and I had 2 viewers including Scott Gibson, so I believe.


Scott went to the show the night before and below are a couple of the videos he shot on Saturday night.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjfMXMeGHeY]

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H8zOKvbtidg]

Furthur Show – 2010-06-24 – Coney Island

Lisa and Kathy

Until his recent marriage his new wife Lisa, my younger cousin Seth never really knew I was a Deadhead.  Going to his wedding brought this all to light and we took this opportunity to see the Furthur show together at Coney Island.  The plans were that Kathy and I were going to meet Seth at the show, pick up our tickets and enjoy the show with Seth and Lisa.  Even more so than Kathy, Lisa is new to the whole Dead thing.

To view pictures I took from the show you can go to my Picasa Web Album at the link below:


Unfortunately there was an issue and to put it succinctly in a few words; Seth, Saratoga, Phish, stomach virus, hospital, no show for Seth. Lisa drives me tickets from her home in Great Neck. Stays for first set and goes home to the whole in sickness in in health blah, blah, blah thing.  It was nice to get to know Lisa for the few moments we had together but it was too bad Seth wasn’t there to show her the ropes like I couldn’t. I couldn’t even show Kathy the ropes at this venue.

Like Kathy, Lisa is pretty petite so being on a general admission floor is tough to deal with.  We hung out on the side for the first set.  Not a real good viewing angle so my pictures were pretty tough to come by.  It was a tiring show, no where really to sit at all.  The floor was damp and yucky, littered with plastic beer and water bottles, so we were standing up all night.  For the second set we strolled to the middle and found the Scott and Larry’s contingent with Rob, Miriam, Andrew, et al.

We hung with these guys for most of the jammy second set until the density began to cave in on us.  Scott gave a tremendous effort in trying to keep it away but the mass is the mass.  By the beginning of the Terrapin we decided to seek cooler grounds.  We hung out in the less dense side area for the closing Terrapin, the full album version, which happened to be great like many of the other songs of the night.  An impressive showing.

A long evening after a few weeks of constant car rides, battling city traffic, so this is my excuse for leaving at the encore.  Too bad, it happened to be a Brokedown which is one of Kathy’s favorite songs.  She knows it well from the many great Ollabele renditions.   We we hung out outside the stadium to listen to an extremely reverberated Brokedown watching fireworks as we strolled down the Boardwalk.  Actually we scampered trying to beat everyone to the Nathan’s French fries.  In the end, those took longer than they were worth considering they were fresh and hot.  I failed to mention the Nathan’s dogs with kraut and mustard we had with our orange-aide before the show where we met up with Steven Goldstein who was waiting for my brother Jay who was arriving on the subway with the Warriors.  Like Lisa, almost like us, Jay underestimated the hell it is getting to a Deadshow close to show time on a Saturday night.  Even if it is New Millennium Dead.

I had a good time, regret Lisa and Seth could be there and seats would have made the experience more enjoyable.  For the moments in the second set especially when the stage was visible the music was strong and powerful and sounded great.  Bob and Phil still have it going, and the other 3 as well as the 2 backup singers all sounded great to generate some really hot music.  Lots of Bob songs, many in a row.  I guess I can remember that for Deadstein jams when I need to whip it out of my assinal as they say.

Dead Show – 2009-04-17 – Albany, NY

dcc_1992_edited-1Okay, I’m taking all my friends’ sage advice and decided the time was right to get back in the game and see what the  Dead are all about in 2009..  We do have the best lineup imaginable at this time with Warren Haynes pulling a  lot of weight, in more way than on.  In addition, I wanted to get Kathy to experience something like a Dead show and this run of shows seemed like a good opportunity.  If I wasn’t with her, I don’t think I would have made the effort.


dcc_1662_edited-1We got tickets for the show in the mail, took the Friday off from work and figured we would make the day of it checking about Albany, SUNY Albany being  college for 6 years, as well as seeing a show.  We dropped the kid, I mean dogs, off at her parents house in the early afternoon and by 1:00pm we were on the road.  Got to SUNY Albany at 3:30 and decided to check out the old school.  I have not been to the campus since I left in 1987.  We paid $5 to park in a visitors lot off the  grass circle at the front and went to the Podium.  It was a gorgeous day and I was expecting the school to be hopping.  The grass circle at the front had lots of Frisbee types of activities going on but the Podium was pretty empty.  I showed Kathy around, went to the Ratt, which is gone, there is now a mini-food court down there instead with a Wendy’s.  I showed her the lecture centers, the tunnels, a building or two and then we headed downtown.  We took a stop and parked at Hudson Street and walked in front of my old houses at 496 and one I could figure out which was exactly my house.  Nevertheless, the block still looked like fun the kids all over partying.  It looked like  the house have had no work done on the in 20 years and have deteriorated since.  We walked around the block,  I snapped some shots,  Washington’s Tavern is still there, so is the Ginger Man believe it or not, but we went to eat at the Lamp Post, which is now called something else.  They had $0.30 wing happy hours so We split 10 and I had a coke.  With Kathy’s water r this was a $6 bill.  We strolled to a little hole in the wall Italian grocery at Qual and Hudson that I said used to be Cusatos and I used to get my beer and pizza from them.  It kind of looked the same and we went in and they had $2 large slices that were really good.  So this was really enough for Dinner.


We got fiully downtown and parked by 5:00, found a great lot that gave us an super quick exit and onto the highway we went.  We got into the car after the show at 11:55 and I was in my house in Morristown at 2:30.  Thank G-d I didn’t sleep over.  Tomorrow’s gonna be a beautiful kayaking Saturday.


dcc_1693_edited-1See we parked in the sterile parking deck at the arena and found a super crowded Shakedown Street down the hill.  We browsed but it was so crowded that it was uncomfortable to shop.  Lots of tie-dye, jewelry, imports on skateboards, dogs, kids, glass, ilicit activities, smells, dreadlocks.  Police presence was very mellow and so was security at the show.  An enjoyable experience from the town’s perspective.  Thank you Albany, proves to be a very cool place in everything I encountered.

Kathy and I hung out on the stairs in front for 25 minutes before the show observing and then went in at 6:45.  We were amazed at how empty it was for a 7:00 showw.  Ooops, it’s 7:30 show.  A large beer a popcorn kept me occupied until show time.  My seats in section 208 sucked becuase the were on Phil’s side and too close to the stage where the speaker racks blocked my view of Warren entirely and almost completed of Bob.   I was with Kathy and we didn’t move and it wasn’t too bad.  I know my seats for the two Byrne shows are better.


dcc_1777_edited-1Show opend with a quick and uneventful Dead.  Warrren was forceful and in front.  From my seat Both Warren and Bob dominated the sound.  Phil and the drummers seemed to be in a contained compressed buss while the guitars tweeted and twatted all over the place.  I found this to the be worse part of the musicianship of the show.  Too many squeeky slide sounds and harmonics from both Warren and Bob.

Time to finish up the story tomorrow.

First Set

  • Casey
  • Into the Mystic
  • Minglewood – Didn’t like it
  • West LA – Didn’t like Warren’s Wah sound
  • Brown-Eyed – Space beginning – Good power
  • Cumberland – Very hot Warren licks, long intro – close to original structure.

dcc_1923_edited-1Second Set

  • Viola Lee Blues – Too much like Cumberland from first set?
  • Sugaree – This was pretty how
  • Other One –  This seemed forced too many weird sounds from guitars got annoying.  It’s like enough with playing like sound effects, give me something I can relate to.
  • Drums – Really good
  • Space – eh, but the french frieis were good!
  • Comes a Time – Really sweet, vocals and lead by Warren were beautiful.
  • Unbroken Chain – Vocally reaaly poor, the PA sounded very midrangey but the progressions and jamming through the songs were interesting and all over the place.
  • Throwing Stones – Not good, Warren sounded good
  • Not Fade Away – This was the encore and was  OK, long jam n the middle of course.

dcc_1988_edited-1I probably forgot a song or two. Forgive me.

Bolted out of there right at the end of Not Fade, if they played Stephen right out of it I would have missed it, but then again I wouldn’t have gotten home by 2:30.  All and all a very fun day with the Dead and probably the last time I’ll see SUNY Albany.  I wish the fountains were on, but it was too early I guess.

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