Jam – 2011-01-10 – Carroll’s

This was a fun week of Deadstein as we played Monday night in an attempt to preempt the snow that was coming on Wednesday.  It turned out to be a good idea.  There was little traffic outside and parking was ample.  We did have a complaint about our feedback, not our fault, so we tried to go mellow for a while until those freak left the building.  We started with the Friend of the Devil and that seemed to take the legs out from under us.

The only guest we had for the night was Scott Bayer and Carol on the cell phone.  I think she was there to hear our little crazy tune Rich called Gindspace and Winklertronics which was the debut of my iPad and an app called Rebirth taking up some crazy, wacky drum duties.  Kevin said it sounded like Devo rhythms.  This driving drum beat follwed some loco space played by Alan.  Interesting stuff at times.

We played the out-of-space Dark Star drum-less  and gained our momentum once again going into the Uncle Johns.  It’s funny how you can use a Dark Star to get your bearings.  Who would figure such a cool juxtaposition in the cosmic realm of the Grateful Dead?  We had the few fun Beatles attempts once again.  This is really fresh in Scott’s psyche so it’s good to play these things.  I also recall the Black Peter being especially nice.  That’s why you go to every show and try every song.  If you want to check any of it out, see the links below.


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  1. Larry G.
    Jan 13, 2011 @ 21:51:29

    This website has a lot of funny stuff on it, check it out.

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