Jam – 2011-04-06 – Carroll’s

This week was Deadstein’s ode to the 29th anniversary of one of my favorite shows; Philadelphia Spectrum, April 6, 1982, or 4-6-82 as we affectionately refer to it.  It’s been fun that we have played  several complete shows recently.  It’s an homage to some of the greatness the Grateful Dead provided us as well as a chance for us to reflect back at being at specific shows or listening to specific tapes.   Lots of good memories.

In my case, 4-6-82 was a set of high quality soundboard tapes my friend Bruce Levine somehow obtained just weeks after the show.  He was enrolled in University of Pennsylvania at the time, Brotpen’s alma mater, and stumbled upon the soundboards.  My first Dead show was the Nassau Coliseum, Easter Sunday 4-11-82, a week after the 4-6-82 Spectrum show,  so this tape was early in my Deadhead life and my first really high quality current board.  I grew to know this show like the back of my hand and some of the moments are classic.  They include the Shakedown jam with the keyboard/Jerry interchange and the post space from trucking through the Morning Dew, which still may be one of the best Dews ever!

We didn’t do the Dew quite justice but the Shakdedown was pretty cool.  I studied a bit of the show and write-ups for specific songs leading up to the jam.  The Cold Rain, Candyman and Sailor/Saint all have new updated PDF tabs associated with them.  Check them out below:

The Sailor Saint has been tough, and will probably always be tough, but hopefully the new writeup will be better for us.  The significance of the Candyman change is not stepping up chromatically between the and F and G throughout the song.  This actually isn’t reflected in the new tabs but is a good thing to remember. The tabs were just clarified a bit and helped us as we played.

Though we pooped out a bit toward the end of the night, we did the entire show with room for an additional song so it was a satisfying night.  There was a lot of good playing going on, especially in the first set.  The good thing about following a real set list is that it keeps you in focus and in your role so you can settle down and execute because for the most part, the songs are standards with an occasional one to keep you wanting to come back for more so you can do better; hello Sailor-Saint.

It looks like next week we maybe be playing Binghamton ’83,  Kevin’s first show so get that Help on the Way under your belt and look forward to another crack at the Sailor Saint.  Lots of good stuff from that show.  Until we freak again.

To hear the MP3s of what we played go to the following links:



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