Jam – 2011-03-30 – Carroll’s

A Wednesday night that was looking as if it would be Core-4 turned out to be a nice surprise when Larry Brent walked in pulling his brand new Fender Mustang modeling amp behind him.  With Larry jamming with us and Alan not available, it brought me back to my comfort zone of playing Bob all night.

With several of us, not me, fresh off a Furthur tour where the band celebrated the Beatles Abbey Road by playing the album,  we got energized to play the Medley after listening to Furthur’s version before we got going.  We did jam a little with it during the pre-jam hang out which was a big help when we tackled it for real.  We first warmed up with the Let the Good Times Roll and that got us ready for the Medley.  My new transcription in a 3-page PDF was also a big help, we were lucky we found so many copies of them.  It was kind of shocking how not sucky that was.

Doing that album side got us to jump into the next album side, which was the Terrapin Station with the entire at a siding jam.  We practiced that a bit beforehand which also helped when we got to it.  That was also pretty darn good.  It was good to have Larry there who new how to comprehend our attempt to get through that whole thing.  I also had a new transcription of this song.

We also played a three-man Wake Up Little Susie with my new write-up.  I played drums on a couple of songs.  We played the old-school, classic Deadstein Scarlet –> Estimated.  We kept our composure and stamina for the most part through the night so we had a whole big night of lots of great songs.  Good to play Bob, nice to play with LLB, the Beatles thing was a nice surprise and a lot more to come.  Who knows there may be more classic Deadstein to come, the scent of Dave Schwartz is wafting over the horizon.

To hear what we did, listen to the MP3s made on the little recorder plopped down in the room.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. KEVIN
    Mar 31, 2011 @ 22:38:22

    Wow, a post in less than 24 hrs. You don’t see that too often. As a matter of fact, we probably haven’t seen that since pre-Terez classic Deadstein. I guess it is the influence of LLB and the scent of DoubleDaveySchwartz, which by the way, is pastrami and French fries w/ gravy.
    As is the nature of all complex organisms in the universe, our energy ebbs and flows. Right now we are flowing.

  2. Anonymous
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 08:29:36

    We certainly were flowing. Really fun night boys, thanks for having me…

  3. LB
    Apr 01, 2011 @ 08:30:15

    We certainly were flowing. Really fun night boys, thanks for having me…

    can’t wait to hear the mp3

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