Jam -2011-03-09 – Carroll’s

It was Wednesday night in the big studio at Carroll’s and we had more than our typical crew of 5.  This night we had Larry Brent join us and an additional entourage of other folks thatat least they seemed to really dig the music at times.  There is always a saving grace as well as a strong, positive energy in the room.

It being March 9, 2011 in New York City I was leading the charge to commemorate the jam for being the 30th anniversary of the 3/9/81 show from Madison Square Garden.  That was an epic show on tape in that Jerry’s guitar and attitude were so over-driven that many of the leads from that concert remain some of my all time favorites.  They include the Stranger, Althea, CC Rider, Minglewood and I Know Rider. The links to the MP3s from this show on http://www.archive.org are provided blow from the following link: http://www.archive.org/details/gd1981-03-09.nak700.glassberg.wise.328.shnf.  Check out some of these great moments from Jerry rocking New York City.

3-9-81 MSG, NY VBR MP3
Stranger 14.2 MB
Althea-> 10.8 MB
CC Rider 15.0 MB
Ramble On Rose-> 10.5 MB
El Paso 8.5 MB
Deep Elem 9.7 MB
Bird Song 16.9 MB
Minglewood 10.2 MB
China -> Rider-> 24.3 MB
Samson 12.9 MB
Ship of Fools 11.7 MB
Estimated Prophet-> 20.1 MB
Uncle John’s Band-> 16.3 MB
Drums-> 13.5 MB
Space> 10.4 MB
The Other One-> 10.9 MB
Stella Blue-> 14.0 MB
Good Lovin’, 9.5 MB
E: U.S. Blues 7.3 MB

While Deadstein obviously cannot compared to the Grateful Dead, and placing the links above is just going to over-shadow our playing, we made a nice run at the show.  Scott was more alive  than usual and survived  the entire jam with a few fumes left in in his tank at the end of the night.  It was a great use of resources.  Having a predefined setlist pushes us through the night with much less wasted time.  I find that hard to believe.  In any case, we finished the first set by 9:30 and played a few fillers before embarking on set number 2.  We played several gozintas, it’s origin is a Spanish fruit, in the first set which was part of putting the pedal to the metal?  At other times, we took advantage of the links at http://www.archive.org from 3-9-81 and listen to the real version, setting a tempo and transitioning into the jam/song from the sample.  That was quite helpful.

All in all it was really a fun filled night, lots of music and lots of energy.  It wasn’t the type of jam that you wanted to end and as such, we played a good 15 minutes past the midnight hour.  I was promised a U.S. Blues encore, to complete the setlist, and I got it after the Playing in the Band that was started just before midnight.  Who starts a Playing in the Band just before midnight, a charged-up Deadstein, that’s who.  To check Deadstein out and our MP3s, go to the links below.  That’s why you go to every show, cause you never know when the earthquake is gonna hit and when you survive it and life looks like it’s on easy street the tsunami’s at your door; so pick up your guitars and play, we don’t know how lucky we are!!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Scott
    Mar 12, 2011 @ 15:19:58

    Great use of resources for sure. We really are lucky!
    Thoughts & prayers go out to earthquake & tsunami families.

  2. scott
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 17:17:55

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