Jam – 2011-01-05 – Carroll’s

Setting us up for the jam at Carrroll's

First jam of the year had Larry Brent joining us for a reunion type of jam playing most of the Jerry leads, though I stepped in for a few. It’s fun to get back to playing Bob guitar every now and then, I feel so much more comfortable and confident with it than trying to hold things together playing Jerry leads.  I think for the most part we played really well as a band. Scott was in real pain playing drums, but that seemed to focus him into some real tight nice grooves. For instance, we were able to play the It’s All Over Now at a quick, consistent pace. We had a few nice surprises like that. Additionally, we sounded pretty good as a band playing and churning through lots of songs with confidence. Before Larry showed up we played a While My Guitar Gently Weeps as a quartet and then did the NFA –> Going Down the Road –> NFA to begin the Dead segment for the night. Too bad Rich didn’t capture this stuff because that first Beatles song was pretty good, at least from my perspective. I do recall Kevin having no concept of how to play and groove the NFA at the time, but he quickly brushed that cob-web off and had a pretty good night, all the way though the end of the night.

Speaking of the end of the night, Scott’s neck and back finally wore out by 11:45 so I stepped in to play the closing Box of Rain on drums which is always fun for me.  We can only pray for Scott that the pain in the neck goes away somehow, sometime soon.  As far as guest we had our long-time buddy Michael show up to listen to the end of the night and he came with his bud, Doug and some of his other entourage.  Fortunately, this week everything was under control and there was no collateral damage as far as we can tell.

To listen to some of the music from the jam go to the links below (thanks to Rich for taking care of the recordings):


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  1. deadstein
    Jan 08, 2011 @ 10:17:38

    By the way, I updated the jam from November 11, 2010 with Kev’s friend Gene singing lots of songs to include the MP3s recently uploaded from Rich. Check them out at the link below because there are several songs we never played before.


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