Jam – 2010-29-12 – Carroll’s

This was the week between Christmas and New Year’s and there is a lot going on.  The Fab Faux are playing a 4 night stand at the City Winery and Alan went Monday, his first time seeing them, I went Tuesday and Scott was going this Wednesday; the night of the jam. We we lucky enough to be able to enlist the drumming skills and styles of Bayside Russ.  This was great to be able to get our final jam in for the year and it was a difficult one to pull off.  The region was hit by a blizzard that dumped 20-24″ of snow on the city and Manhattan was still reeling from the hit and the streets, parking spots and sidewalks were all covered with snow and slush to varying extents.  In addition, Terminal 5 was holding a show and this meant the area around Carroll’s was about as crowded as I have ever seen it.  One wrong turn trying to find a spot and you could be stuck in a 30 minute traffic jam.  I avoided it for the most part and so did Kevin.  Russ was so fortunate as it took him like and hour to circle around looking for a spot.

With all of this said, we got a very late start, after 9:09.  Speaking of which, I was still recovering from a cold I had over Christmas but that gave me the opportunity to chart out some new Beatle songs for us to plow through.  Some showed potential, actually, I think they all showed potential and are quick and easy.  We learned Rich and Alan used to play the One After None-O-Nine so they were well rehearsed in it.  Below are the first five songs we played of the night that were recorded for your listening, so called pleasure.  Set 2 had a corrupted file issue on Rich’s recorder so I list what I remember we played, but I am sure I left a few out.Carroll’s was virtually abandoned as we were the only ones playing this week.  They even unplugged the soda machine during this hiatus.  We had no guests in the room as it was just Alan, me, Kevin Rich and Russell to hold down the fort.  I thought we did an okay ob of it also as the music got better and better as the night moved on. I also have to thank Alan for risking his life checking the electrical shock potential using his screw driver detector for me.  I started the night with a shock from the mic on my nose, but Alan  resolved that and worked for me as a human guinea pig.


Let us not forget as we were mutilating Beatles songs uptown, Scott was capturing the Fab Faux playing them nicely downtown and below is a link to one of his great videos of the Fab Faux playing Rain.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDuwzS4pASg%5D

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