Jam – 2010-20-12 – Carroll’s

In order to get this last jam in before the Christmas holiday, Deadstein was forced to do the Monday jam.  It didn’t matter we were able to field the full bad including Jeff Blues who showed up after we started the first song or two.  I don’t thing we have a poster, photograph or anything to remember the night and I am writing this post exactly one week after the jam so there is not much memory of the jam to help me out.  Hopefully Rich got the recordings and we will be able to relive the moments through the music.  Or maybe a vague memory of it all leaves a better taste in your mouth and your mind than the sound of the  Sailor/Saint which we did butcher.  Now as I recall, we were doing a round robin all night with each person selecting a song to play, and the Sailor / Saints was Kevin’s selection.  Our guests for the night were Rob and Miriam as well as Scott Bayer.

It looks like with the Fab Faux in town at the City Winery and we will not be able to get everyone together for the final jam of the year.  Alan’s seeing them Monday, me on Tuesday and Scott on Wednesday.  Scott decided he would bow out for the week, enjoy the show, and we got Bayside Russ to fill in for Scott.  So it will be Russell and Deadstein closing out 2010 in some type of fashion, what type of fashion, you ask; that’s why you have to go to every show.

To hear the songs from this week go to:


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  1. Alan W.
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 00:31:29

    Just listened to the West L.A. – really great, if you can mentally tune out the overmodulation.

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