Furthur Show – 2010-06-24 – Coney Island

Lisa and Kathy

Until his recent marriage his new wife Lisa, my younger cousin Seth never really knew I was a Deadhead.  Going to his wedding brought this all to light and we took this opportunity to see the Furthur show together at Coney Island.  The plans were that Kathy and I were going to meet Seth at the show, pick up our tickets and enjoy the show with Seth and Lisa.  Even more so than Kathy, Lisa is new to the whole Dead thing.

To view pictures I took from the show you can go to my Picasa Web Album at the link below:


Unfortunately there was an issue and to put it succinctly in a few words; Seth, Saratoga, Phish, stomach virus, hospital, no show for Seth. Lisa drives me tickets from her home in Great Neck. Stays for first set and goes home to the whole in sickness in in health blah, blah, blah thing.  It was nice to get to know Lisa for the few moments we had together but it was too bad Seth wasn’t there to show her the ropes like I couldn’t. I couldn’t even show Kathy the ropes at this venue.

Like Kathy, Lisa is pretty petite so being on a general admission floor is tough to deal with.  We hung out on the side for the first set.  Not a real good viewing angle so my pictures were pretty tough to come by.  It was a tiring show, no where really to sit at all.  The floor was damp and yucky, littered with plastic beer and water bottles, so we were standing up all night.  For the second set we strolled to the middle and found the Scott and Larry’s contingent with Rob, Miriam, Andrew, et al.

We hung with these guys for most of the jammy second set until the density began to cave in on us.  Scott gave a tremendous effort in trying to keep it away but the mass is the mass.  By the beginning of the Terrapin we decided to seek cooler grounds.  We hung out in the less dense side area for the closing Terrapin, the full album version, which happened to be great like many of the other songs of the night.  An impressive showing.

A long evening after a few weeks of constant car rides, battling city traffic, so this is my excuse for leaving at the encore.  Too bad, it happened to be a Brokedown which is one of Kathy’s favorite songs.  She knows it well from the many great Ollabele renditions.   We we hung out outside the stadium to listen to an extremely reverberated Brokedown watching fireworks as we strolled down the Boardwalk.  Actually we scampered trying to beat everyone to the Nathan’s French fries.  In the end, those took longer than they were worth considering they were fresh and hot.  I failed to mention the Nathan’s dogs with kraut and mustard we had with our orange-aide before the show where we met up with Steven Goldstein who was waiting for my brother Jay who was arriving on the subway with the Warriors.  Like Lisa, almost like us, Jay underestimated the hell it is getting to a Deadshow close to show time on a Saturday night.  Even if it is New Millennium Dead.

I had a good time, regret Lisa and Seth could be there and seats would have made the experience more enjoyable.  For the moments in the second set especially when the stage was visible the music was strong and powerful and sounded great.  Bob and Phil still have it going, and the other 3 as well as the 2 backup singers all sounded great to generate some really hot music.  Lots of Bob songs, many in a row.  I guess I can remember that for Deadstein jams when I need to whip it out of my assinal as they say.

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  1. lgindoff
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 17:20:38

    Check out the Jack Straw from the Show:

  2. lgindoff
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 17:21:16

    Here’s the Shakedown:

  3. lgindoff
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 17:21:51

    The St. Stephen

  4. Scott
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 15:15:50

    Check out this Time Lapse Video from Furthur show at Coney Island – MCU

    this is VERY COOL

  5. Scott
    Jul 02, 2010 @ 15:16:44

    Check out this Time Lapse Video from Furthur show at Coney Island – MCU

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