Jam – 2010-03-23 – Carroll’s

Tuesday night and we are back at Carroll’s in our standard configuration.  We were in the rare other large studio.  Scott had the nice 2-tone drums, it took the second Twin to find one that worked well and Alan had to do something to his to get it to work.  The PA used some other type of microphone other than the Shure SM-58.  I think the room sounded pretty good.

Deadstein is not free and Carrolls is not cheap but there is no where I would rather be.

As far as song selection, it was the week of Kevin’s birthday so he had veto power over the songs but no legislation to offer.  We used the random spin-o-matic and it steered us down a variety of paths we otherwise would not have chosen.  This included a solo I Know You Rider without the Chinacat and it was one of our most energetic Riders.  I made lots of bad decisions like trying to shoe-horn a Gloria in a Note Fade away jam, I was just sick of playing that Not Fade, seems like we’ve been doing a lot recently.  The Picasso also never reached it conclusion, or it reached it too soon.

The Dancin’ was good as well as the Come a Time.  Followed by the Uncle Johns and Tom Thumb, this may have been one of the better segments of the night.  The Beatles portion was on and off.

To hear what we played go to:


It looks as though we are likely to miss a week so everyone have a peaceful journey and we shall see you all on the rebound.

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  1. Scott
    Mar 29, 2010 @ 08:08:28

    Happy Passover to you & your families.

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