Jam -2009-05-14 – Carroll’s

IMG_3071_edited-1At least it was Thursday night and now it is Friday night and the week is over.  There is something good about the Thursday night jam in that the week is coming to a close.  Kevin has to race from work, but he did race and got there in good time.

It was just us core-4 with Jason on lead.  There were no guests, so it was just us five.  Kevin with his new iPod has come in listen to tunes and showing us some stuff.  That is wonderful and I say thank you Apple.  


The music was nice for the most part.  I can’t say I felt smooth and easy but the stuff still grooved.  I like some of the transitions Jason created, Scarlet -> Goin down the Road.  The was a nice cold rain transition also.  I can’t wait to see Rich’s posting of the setlist so I can remember what we did.  It’s so sad, it is less than 24 hour from playing but it is  tough to remember.

I remember the food including coconut milk infused chocolate chip cookies from Jason, I brought Baklava from Carmel Haiffa shwarma place  , kettle corn, nuts.  And the soda machine wasn’t working, so that was an issue.


So we had a Sugar Mag, Scarlet, Help, Slip Franklins, Cold Rain, Stephen, Bertha, and a few more.  When Rich posts the setlist we will have it for sure.  Another great night and experience.  Can’t wait till next time.


So the set list arrived thanks to Rich as his Tascam recorder.  The listing shows 20 songs, and considering several of them were multiple songs in one file (Help Slip Franklins Johnny B Goode, Weather Report Suite) this could be one of the biggest setlists ever.  It’s like 24 songs, most of them with lots of protein in them.   It is hard to imagine hwere we got time to play all that music but we did.

It is located in this folder:


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