Jam 2008-09-04 at Carroll’s

Jason's guitar at a rockin' angle.

Jasons guitar at a rockin angle

It’s Thursday, Labor Day has come and gone, the summer for all intents and purposes is over and Deadstein continues along.  We are back with Jason this week and from the feel of it, I’m sensing good things. It’s Thursday so the week is almost over yet it seems so young.  A Monday holiday will do that.

Scotty early on in the night was play so hot he was smoking

Scotty early on in the night was play so hot he was smoking

Not focusing on what is important in the Fall, we are playing on Thursday night but it is also the opening game in this year’s NFL season and to boot, the Giants are playing and I’m  gonna miss it.  I hope the wireless signal is strong at Carroll’s tonight so my Slingbox on my AT&T Tilt works.  I have a special treat to bring in tonight, some chocolate chip cookies someone baked fro me, so bring your appetites.

Rich behind the keys

Rich behind the keys

Well the jam is over, Friday is upon us and the Giants won the season opener against the Redskins at home, 16-7.  I don’t miss too many Giant games but for a good night of Deadstein it is well worth it.

Kevin was working late so we actually played a Stella Blue at the beginning of the night without him.  Did the Jerry-Bob-Jerry thing for most of the first set.  Opening with a Rhapsody and closing with a Saturday Night.  The was a Rooster in there, Stagger Lee, Next Time You see Me, Dark Hollow, and a few more.  We actually got to play 3 Garband songs through the night, giving me a chance to video tape some of it since there isn’t much of a Bob role in the Garband.  We had the Catfish John.  Finally we even worked out some nice stuff and rhythms, from my perspective on the Me and My Uncle.  It sounded good.

Look who is playing in Studio 2.  Elvis, no, it is Deadstein.

Look who is playing in Studio 2. Elvis, no, it is Deadstein.

For the second set we did the Terrapin and Kevin really like it but I played poorly during it.  We cooked the birdsong, “tits” as Jason says.  Did the Throwing Stones and Not Fade Away Other One Around and Around and it was over a 12:00.  I even sang a Hard to Handle while Rich was accompanying Scott home, or something.  We of course played live from Hell;s Kitchen to Carol over the cell phone.  There was a Knockin in there toward the end.  Scott may not remember all of the second set as he was asleep during a nice chunk of it, duirng the Other One.

We here is the setlist below from the other night.  I thinkk all the links should work and thanks to Rich for recording it.  It is with his new Tascam, solid state 2 track recorder with built in microphones.

Stella Blue
Rhapsody in Red
Little Red Rooster
Dark Hollow
Stagger Lee
Next Time You See Me
Catfish John
Me and My Uncle
One More Saturday Night
Terrapin Station
Throwing Stones
Not Fade Away
The Other One
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
Around and Around

Jason rockin in the second set.

Jason rockin in the second set.

Speaking of video, Rich showed us his film project he has undertaken with Scott Bayer which is a documentary about Scott’s journeys and recordings of film festivals, like the Tribecca, from the past.  It was really interesting, and with Scott as the main star, a little spooky yet uplifting.

Kevin playing the Modulus on 9-4-2008

Kevin playing the Modulus on 9-4-2008

Well, it was an interesting week of politics this week as the Republican National Convention got underway. Nominee, John McCain suprised the world by choosing an unknown conservative Governor from Alaska, Sarah Palin, as his running mate.  In her acceptance speech last night she compared Barack Obama to John McClain by stating, “Some use change to promote their careers while others, like John McClain, use their careers to promote change.”  This clever quote leads me, pardon the pun,  to our poll for this week as it relates to the Grateful Dead.

Let’s see a few moments that I caught on video for the night.  First is the video of the ever so enjabale “Check One-Two” featuring Scott, this is followed by an enchanting story told by Kevin of skirting his way through a red light and a traffic ticket and finally are a few moments from the opening number, Rhapsody in Red.

This next video is most of the Catfish John

Now it just seems like it’s just before we started so get into the elevatorand say “so long.”

Hold the door! Wait for me!

Hold the door! Wait for me!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brotpen
    Sep 07, 2008 @ 22:24:17

    You’ve seen some video, now here’s the audio:

  2. Scott
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 05:24:03

    Well, as the Gind said…..2nd set was quite a fog for me to say the least. A good fog ….lol….
    Have you ever met anyone quite like me???
    Interesting as it may be, as i listen back, the little that i did hit the kit, it was right on ( for the most part) guess it’s time for me to look into Lance Armstrong’s formula for fatigue. Red bull just ain’t doing any more………Scotty Sweets Done Scotty In
    Nuf Said

  3. Scott
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 20:51:50

    What Up DEADSTEIN????

    You guy’s sleeping out there? Ha Ha

    The Gind took the time to put this blog page together, TALK IT UP

  4. deadstein
    Sep 08, 2008 @ 21:41:47

    Scott, thanks for the blog support. So guys don’t sit on the log like a blob, but rather combine both these activities and blog, blog , blog. It’s what we always have done, we just called it commenting because the term blogging hadn’t been invented.

    In addition, listen to the Me and My Uncle that is posted from this week. The first half of that thing sounds great. Did you hear it? Kind of shocking it is coming out of us. Very Deadlike and very unDeadstein like and I like it. A little practice goes a long way to helping us. If we had only been practicing a bit for the past 18 years we wouldn’t be thinking about it so much today. It’s much like the current proverbial argument regarding drilling for off-shore oil.

    By the way, Rich Rothenberg just returned my Mackie 24-track recorder to me this Saturday and I am thinking about setting it up on Wednesday to do a 24-track recording of our jams. We have been sounding good recently and it would be nice to capture some of it in a higher quality format. With that said be on your best behavior this week if I actually get around to dragging all that crap in. But with only 1 drummer and a good mixing board,it should be easy to setup, record and takedown.

  5. Jason
    Sep 09, 2008 @ 00:59:02

    I love the play by play Larry. It’s fun to read. I thought the jam leading into The Other One was really exciting, as well as Not Fade Away and the ensuing jam that followed. I’m digging having so many recordings where I’m part of it. It helps me make adjustments and whatnot in how I’m playin. The pictures, man, when did I get so hairy again?


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